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Since the pandemic hit, lots of things have changed. Tons of new pressure has settled on the entire healthcare system. Nurses, in particular, have had to handle much of the increased workload. As a nurse, the increased patient count and additional stress brought on by the pandemic can mean less free time to unwind and practice self-care.

Another noticeable change the pandemic has brought is the huge growth of the subscription box industry. Individuals spending more time indoors can receive new and interesting care packages from their work, loved ones, or themselves. A monthly subscription box can be just what the doctor ordered when you’re feeling stressed out, cooped up, or overworked.

With those post-pandemic changes in mind, there are some great options for nurse-oriented subscription boxes. Whether you’re a nurse looking for some good self-care, or you just want to show appreciation for a frontline healthcare worker in your life, these nursing subscription boxes might just be what you’re looking for!

Work-Related Nursing Subscription Boxes

  1. 4luvofscrubs

This one’s pretty straightforward: as a nurse, having to go to the store every couple of months for new scrubs can be a pain, especially when it eats into your free time. 4luvofscrubs takes that problem head-on, offering subscription boxes for scrubs in different styles and colors.

You can send them a tag from one of your older pairs to ensure your new pairs fit or fill out the 4luvofscrubs survey. From there, it’s as simple as setting up the frequency of your boxes and checking out!

  1. Notebookily

On the job, your notebook is your best friend — especially when you’re first getting started, and there are still many notes to take along the way.

Notebookily is an awesome subscription service that lets you swap out the cover of your notebook with every box. Each cover is laminate and can be exchanged for another cover at any time, keeping your notebook eternally fresh! Covers are also customized with your monogram for added personalization.

  1. Nurse RX Box

With everything you could need “to help get you through those unruly shifts,” the Nurse RX box is loaded with things you can use during the most hectic moments of nursing, as well as your shift downtime.

The Nurse RX Box is unique from many of these boxes as it’s designed by a former RN with other nurses in mind. In each box, you’ll find anything from hand sanitizer to books and useful gear.

  1. Nurse Gift Box

This box has a little less variety than some of the other inclusions on the list, but it compensates for that by offering incredibly helpful on-the-job features for busy nurses who need all the support they can get.

Every box comes equipped with a tee shirt, compression socks, a badge reel with a new design, and a couple of other helpful items. For instance, the first box includes a pen, scissors, and a penlight.

  1. Single Cup Club

When the mornings get early and the nights get long, a good cup of coffee might be the only thing that keeps you going. Single Cup Club keeps things interesting by sending a different box of assorted K-cups directly to your door every month.

Each box contains three varieties of coffee with five cups each. So whether you’re starting your day or getting your second wind, you can try something new or stick with your favorite flavor.

Self-care Nursing Subscription Boxes

subscription box
  1. NurseLuxe

Marketed as a “lifestyle brand for nurses,” the NurseLuxe boxes are a bit of a hybrid between helpful on-the-job inclusions and relaxing self-care items great for de-stressing once you’re ready to kick back after a busy shift.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can look through some of the past NurseLuxe boxes on their site. In a box, you’ll find everything from reusable straws to compression socks to candles.

  1. Snack Voyage

Snack Voyage is another departure from the nurse-specific boxes; however, it is particularly relevant for nurses given how hard it can be to find time to snack during those hectic shifts.

Snack Voyage sends you boxes of thoughtfully curated snacks from all over the world. In a given month, you could be munching on a Kinder Bueno or drinking a Scottish Irn Bru soda. There are lots of new things to discover and enjoy about these eclectic boxes.

  1. 180 Degree Box

These boxes are the gold standard for self-care. Every month your box will be modeled after a different theme (for instance, the theme for August is “Balance”), and you can expect anything from high-quality snacks to facial scrubs.

These boxes are a little more expensive, but they have a range of subscription options available from an entire year to a one-off box sent next month.

  1. Stethi Box

Also founded by a licensed Nurse Practitioner, a Stethi box is a whole load of self-care aimed specifically at hardworking female nurses. Each box is curated to remind nurses to take a moment for themselves amidst the chaos of work.

From physical products like Stethi brand tumblers and nurse-themed tee shirts to consumables like herbal tea and apple cider gummies, the Stethi box has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

  1. Succulent Box

As a nurse, you’re always taking care of patients. Trying to grow finicky plants can feel impossible when you’re already balancing your work and free time. Enter Succulent Box.

Succulents are known for being one of the easiest plants to grow and one of the hardest to kill. With each box, you get everything you need to grow these plants, livening up your living space and keeping everything fresh.


Nursing is a hard job, with plenty of tough days along the way — you know that better than anyone. And while the pandemic certainly heaped more work on your plate, it has also helped to build a system of subscription services that can be real lifesavers for hard-working nurses across the country.

Between helpful on-the-job items and self-care products for after work, these nursing subscription boxes can make your life easier, less stressful, and fun in new and unexpected ways. So go ahead: treat yourself!
At Nursa, we’re committed to providing nurses with resources for building a sustainable and rewarding career in nursing. For more nursing content, take a look at our per diem nursing blog.

Written by Calvin Henninger

Calvin Henninger is a writer currently living in Roanoke, VA. He first began his professional writing career after graduating from Valparaiso University in 2017 with a BA in Creative Writing and Political Science. He's been crafting a variety of online and print copy since then, spanning multiple fields and industries in the process. In his free time, you'll find him hiking, hammering out a piece of fiction, or trying to cook something new.

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