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Nowadays, there seems to be an app for just about everything, and for someone taking contract assignments from city to city as a PRN nurse, there is no bigger need than finding solutions to housing, lifestyle, and entertainment — especially in a new location.

For nurses who work at different facilities every day, it’s important to find ways to make unfamiliar places feel like home. To help, we have put together a list of 15 work-life balance apps that can greatly add to the life of a PRN nurse, helping to save money, find jobs, and live a more fulfilling life. Let’s take a look:

Genius Scan

As a PRN nurse, you might not have an at-home office at your disposal to print, scan, and help you share work-related documents. But you are in luck!

The GeniusScan app helps you not only scan paper documents but also export them as multi-page PDF documents. Mobile scanning enables remote work, expedites tracking expenses, and helps share your work with ease.

Atlas Obscura

If you have checked off the major attractions of a city and want to experience more unique places, Atlas Obscura is a great app to broaden your sense of wonder. Its global community of local experts provides you with off-the-beaten-path artistic, cultural, historical, and eccentric locations to see a new side of wherever you are staying.

Simply type in the city, and scroll through endless options of experiences with all of the details needed to plan and go!

Airbnb Live

We all know Airbnb as a premier vacation travel app, but Airbnb LIVE is a new program from Airbnb that offers individuals a year of living with lodging accommodations, transportation allowance, and paid experiences — all covered by Airbnb!

If not selected for this program, which is perfect for PRN workers interested in travel, Airbnb offers extended-stay locations for those in need of long-term accommodations. 

With thousands of locations in all major cities across the world, Airbnb is a great solution for PRN nurses looking for flexible accommodations away from home.


Don’t let the name fool you! This entertainment app gives PRN nurses the opportunity to parooze through last minute ticketing options for sporting, music, and theater events.

With tickets filtered from lowest to highest price, this app offers a great way to swoop up some real bargains!


After a long week of being cooped up in healthcare facilities, it might be nice to get out and breathe some fresh air! With over 9 million users providing crowdsourced photos and user reviews, Alltrails makes it easy to find the best hiking trails and natural wonders near you.

Sort by hiking difficulty and distance to find the best trail for your next adventure.


We all know traveling and adjusting to new places and schedules requires some form of organization, and Evernote is an app to do just that: Organize! 

Designed for note taking, task management, and archiving information, this app helps you stay on top of your new life with various features like calendars, to-do lists, device syncing, and document hosting.  


Healthy relationships are central to living a positive and productive life, but traveling or working at many different facilities can make connections tough. Whether you’re interested in meeting new friends, dating, or growing your professional network, Bumble can help you find what — or whom — you are looking for. 

One move on Bumble could change your life and open you to a whole new world of people who can greatly add to your quality of life.


With gas prices through the roof lately, it’s important to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Gasbuddy allows you to filter gas stations based on price, location, brand, and amenities. This app also gives you a heads up on price hikes so that you can get the best prices anytime, anywhere! 


New place… no car… no problem! Uber is a nation-wide app that allows you to travel with ease. With options for transportation pick up/drop off and local food delivery, this app makes mobility happen through mobile. 


The quest for good local food is always an important one, and with Opentable, you can easily find restaurants with open tables in real time. 

This app is the perfect travel companion as it offers 52,000+ restaurant recommendations, allows you to collect points for free meals, and even gives you the option to send RSVPs to friends or order delivery to your home — right from the app!


It’s often difficult to keep track of expenses and stay within a budget, but Mint allows you to manage all your expenses with its online budget planner. Mint syncs to your bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement accounts to track your income, purchases, and savings.

The Mint budgeting app comes with a daily budget planner, which suggests budget goals based on your spending. You can adjust your goals and/or add new ones as you use the app. 

So, even on the go, you can manage your money and work towards a brighter financial future! 


nurse with her dog at her house

Have a furry friend traveling with you? 

BarkHappy is a location-based app and community for dog lovers! Create better work-life balance for you and your fur baby by connecting with other local dog owners as well as by finding dog-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, parks, and more.

Peloton App

Nursing and fitness sometimes seem impossible! Why? Well, not every gym allows nation-wide access for PRN nurses who like to travel, and nursing schedules are often incompatible with gym schedules.

With that said, fitness apps, like the Peloton app, are fantastic options for PRN nurses who want to consistently workout. Stream recorded or live fitness classes from anywhere straight from your phone and connect with others as you workout. (Sign up for one month and get two free!) 


Night shifts are not the only thing you will need to adjust to as a working nurse! 

Adjusting to new time zones and the accompanying jet lag will also be a reality for you if you decide to travel. With that said, Timeshifter is an app that helps you to avoid jet lag.

Using neuroscience research on circadian rhythms and sleep, the app provides personalized recommendations that take into account your age, gender, typical sleep patterns, and specifics about your trip. The app will tell you when you should avoid or seek daylight, and when you should stay awake or take a nap. 

The result? A gentle jet lag experience, which translates to more time exploring your destination and working demanding nursing shifts! 

Nursa Staffing App

Although we are a bit biased, Nursa healthcare staffing app is a great mobile app that allows PRN nurses to find local real-time job openings, replacing the need for agencies. In fact, we’ve streamlined the per diem process by connecting clinicians directly to our network of healthcare facilities in need of PRN nurses.

Get paid per shift, enjoy flexible work schedules, and live a more balanced life, all while finding the best paid positions!

Apps for a Better Life

Nurses, we see the load you carry: Let us help you make it a little lighter. 

At Nursa, our goal is to improve nurses’ lives; this is why we created our PRN staffing app. Hopefully, some of these other app recommendations will also contribute to making your work and your lives overall more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and hopefully a little easier

Written by Cyd Hatch

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