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Don’t leave all the fun to fashion and product promotion content creators! Believe it or not, the medical world has seen a boom in social media use, including an increase in nurse influencers! From giving practical work-life advice and offering a place of support to creating medical humor, nursing has taken to social!

To keep up on all the fun and if you need some new people in your industry to follow online, look at our list of 15 nurse content creators you need to follow.

Heads up, you’ll be hitting the like button a few times.

Top Nurse Content Creators

In this list, find a content creator for your every need! Either through humor or inspiration, you are bound to fall in love with some of these personalities online.

1. Nurse Blake BSN, RN, CPR, ACLS | @NurseBlake 

Nurse Blake

The world needs a little more laughter these days; if you want a nursing account that will make you laugh and relate, Nurse Blake is your guy!

On top of being a well-established nurse, Nurse Blake is a stand-up comedian who travels the world and creates content online to bring humor to nurses’ everyday lives. Sassy and full of life, his posts are absolutely hysterical. 

Want some laughs in person? He is actually kicking off his PTO comedy tour across America this fall! 

2. Clara Jones NP-C | @NurseClara

Nurse Clara is a gynecology nurse practitioner who teaches women all there is to know about women’s health with grace and class while having fun being a first-generation college graduate with Korean parents. 

With a mix of great style and a dash of her personal life, @NurseClara is a calming and inspirational account for women everywhere.

3. Breonna Leon MSN, RN, AGPCNP-C | @Brethegnp

Breonna is an Atlanta-based geriatric nurse who shares her powerful journey from being a teen mom to becoming a “boss nurse practitioner.”

Through her personability and tenacity, she shares a lot of helpful information on 

current evidence-based practices, salary comp, and meeting patient needs from a holistic standpoint. Packed with inspiration and educational material, this is a great account to follow!

4. Rachel MSN, PMHNP | @psych.nurse.school 

Rachel is the relatable breath of fresh air you would hope a psych nurse would be. 

As a down-to-earth, helpful, and heartfelt professional in mental health, she joyfully shares needed information about certain conditions, work environments, and general mental health with authority while being tangibly hopeful. Paired with fun social media trends, her ability to inspire and motivate people to live better lives is hard not to love. 

5. Sarah Gaines RN | @Sarah_Gaines

Sarah Gaines

If you are a traveling nurse, this is the account you have to follow. Sarah thoughtfully goes through everything you need to know to maximize your travel nursing experiences, talking about topics such as housing, taxes, crisis rates, and more! 

To further her impact, she created the “Six Figure Travel Nurse Course” to help travel registered nurses (RNs) reach their next level of success and ultimately scrap bedside burnout.

6. Sarah Warren ADN, RN | @Shesinscrubs 

Sarah Warren is a bilingual RN who has taken HIPAA, compliance, and mental health issues by storm as she is passionate about revolutionizing the nursing industry! 

As a published advocate for nursing mental health and women’s health, hers is the account for any social warrior wanting to make a difference and connect with someone just as passionate. 

7. Laura Gluck RN, BSN | @Laurakgluck

Laura makes nursing-life balance look chic. Sharing colorful photos of her home life and motivational thoughts about fitness and career, she is the cool, fit girl we all want to be.

Advocating for a holistic, healthy life, she provides all types of thoughts for a healthy mind and body for you to reflect upon and hopefully internalize for a better life. 

8. Georgina Villarreal MSN, RN | @Nurse.Georgie

Georgina is a triple threat in providing quality content that is funny, fashionable, and full of fitness inspo! Wanting to transform the health of female healthcare workers, she provides tons of helpful materials on fitness, meal prepping, and promoting her “She Can Be Both” Campaign for female empowerment. 

9. Portia Wofford RN | @Thewritenurse 

Portia has taken the helm of business to the benefit of health influencers! With experience in public relations and public speaking, being crowned Ms. Black AL USA, she teaches nurses how to get paid to write and create content!

Key to helping nurses expand their impact beyond their facilities, she shares helpful information on brand building, social impact, and community building. 

10. Alexis Nicole BSN, RN | @Aalexisnicole

Alexis Nicole

Alexis takes her followers into the life of a registered nurse inside and out of the medical facility.

Starting her account and successful Youtube channel while in nursing school, she shares intimate tips to get through nursing school, hacks for being an RN, and a fabulous look into the day-to-day life of a working nurse. 

11. Leah Helmbrecht BSN, RN | @Offtheclocknurse

Leah is a world traveler. Period.

Working as a traveling operating room nurse and sexual assault nurse examiner, she has traveled through 49 states and has even made her way to the global scale. 

Amongst her incredible travel photos, she shares helpful information on nursing rights and industry and advocates for women’s health.

12. Kim Darpoh BSN, ER, RN | @nursekimdarpoh

Kim shares all of the tips, tricks, and humor around how to live your best life as a nurse. From sharing helpful and cute accessories for nurses, like pins for your badges or the best compression socks, she has all of the information.

As a mother of two, she gives practical advice all while giving us the vibes of being a “cool mom.”

13.Tori Mskin BSN, RNC, NIC | @Nurse.tori_

Love babies and spicy conversations about unpopular opinions? Nurse Tori is a NICU nurse that provides you with everything you need to know about baby care while discussing hot topics of the day. 

Can’t get enough? She has a top medical podcast called “CellFie Podcast!” Take a look and deep dive into meaningful discussions around topics many people want to avoid.

14. Saralynn Siemens RM | @lynnfinity.and.beyond

Saralynn gives us all the warm fuzzies of balancing family and nurse life. She offers hope and inspiration to nurses who are thinking, “I can’t do it all,” and shows having a happy and active family life is possible. 

As a proud momma, you will definitely leave her account feeling inspired, cared for, and motivated to push on to another day.

15. Steph NICU RN | @Sskertich 

Need a bit of escapism from the mundane and want to be inspired to live an absolutely fabulous life? Steph gives us all the Pinterest-worthy inspo on travel, fashion, and lifestyle as she lives her best life as a NICU nurse.

From kicked-back poolside dreamlands to Coachella fun, she is the nurse “it” girl you need to follow.

Follow, Follow Follow: Nursing Influencers to Enjoy

Amid hundreds of thousands of nursing content creators out there, we hope this list inspires you to jump into the social game to find not only the inspiration and information you need to succeed but the support to keep you going.

At Nursa, we can be an added resource for you as you navigate your career. 

Take a look at our website as well as our extensive library of resources for everything you need to learn from nursing school to making changes throughout your nursing career. 

Written by Cyd Hatch

I’ve spent the last 12 years honing my ability to tell a story! I leverage my writing and photography skills, alongside my proven expertise in brand and content strategy to get your story in front of the right audience. My work has been featured on an array of national platforms including Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, ESPN, Good Morning America, Social Media Marketing World and The National Archives. When I’m not creating content, my home base is Salt Lake City. You can find me slurping up ramen, thrifting (always looking to uncover the extraordinary), drinking my daily matcha latte, and spoiling my two French Bulldogs, Ozzy and Winston.

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