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What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an entry-level member of a patient’s healthcare team, performing important patient-centered tasks, assisting patients with activities of daily living and other health care needs under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN).

A CNA is always at the disposal of patients, enjoying their work by interacting on a daily basis with the compassion and empathy that characterizes this profession. Physical strength, dexterity and communication skills are very important to succeed in this profession, and nursing assistants are very important to the medical field.

CNAs are very helpful to hospitals and long-term residential facilities, as a nurse needs a lot of support when there are many patients. Some common functions of a CNA are helping patients get comfortable by positioning them, obtaining vital signs, responding to patient calls, showering and feeding patients, measuring and recording food and fluid intake, combing, shaving, caring for nails and brushing teeth, cleaning rooms and bedding, preparing rooms for admissions, and dressing wounds. 

What is the Average Salary in Kansas City, Missouri?

The average salary in Kansas City Missouri for a CNA is $28,080 (annual mean wage), or $13.50 (hourly), making Kansas one of the areas with the highest employment in Nursing Assistants.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this occupation is expected to grow at a rate of 8% between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the average growth rate for all jobs. It is thanks to the aforementioned compassion and empathy that characterizes this profession that getting a job in this field has become so important, and it is a profession that will continue to rise in the coming years.

Per Diem CNA Jobs App

What are the job options in Kansas City for a CNA? In Kansas City, Missouri, permanent or PRN (per diem shift) CNA jobs are available. The benefits of per diem are the greater freedom to choose the hours, plus an increase in hourly pay, and the fact that overtime (and also better pay) can be chosen. The Nursa™ application helps find a job in Kansas City, and shifts near the user’s location. It’s a quick way to connect nursing assistants with jobs that need them urgently. All you have to do is create an account on Nursa, upload your certificates and start working.

So, why Kansas? Kansas has a very good health care system, some of the better hospitals in Missouri are:

And so many others! Kansas City, Missouri, has fantastic opportunities for CNAs to find work fast and close to each individual. 

What are Some Things to Do in Kansas City? 

Kansas City is famous for its Jazz spots, jazz being famous for standing as the heart and soul of Kansas. Many famous clubs such as the Phoenix, in downtown Kansas, are live music venues, and many restaurants are filled with live music and unique Kansas recipes. Kansas has the American Jazz Museum, where many famous jazz musicians perform frequently. Kansas has many live shows of different concerts and musicals throughout the year.

Kansas is famous for its fountains, which are ancient and impressive pieces of architecture. The most notable are the Muse of Missouri, the Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain, the Volker Fountain (28 feet high), and the Children’s Fountain.

Kansas is also home to the only museum open to the public dedicated to World War I in the United States, as a symbol of the freedom and peace that followed the war, the World War I Museum and Monument.

In Kansas there are many theme parks, so the fun for the family and children never stops. There is the Worlds of Fun, which is a 235-acre entertainment complex featuring the largest amusement park and water park in the Midwest. There is also Swope Park, the city’s largest green space, which features trails through forests and green meadows, including soccer fields, golf courses, and a treetop adventure park. The inner part of the park is also home to the iconic Starlight Theater, an outdoor facility that hosts Broadway musicals, pop concerts, and comedy events.

So stop waiting and think about Kansas, Missouri, as your new place to advance your CNA career.

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