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While the Covid-19 pandemic surges and the nursing shortage is amplified, thousands of nursing jobs are opening up all over the country. Although this is fantastic knowledge to take into account, obtaining the right job for you is easier said than done. 

How a Healthcare Staffing App Helps You Find Nearby Jobs

Discovering a plethora of jobs in our current society is easier than ever, on the contrary, deciding where and when to work is the truly difficult decision that matters and impacts your life. Luckily, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the perfect destination that is currently in need of more nursing assistants. Those in search of certified nursing assistant (CNA) jobs in Oklahoma City have come to the right place.

How Much Can CNAs Earn in Oklahoma City?

Residents of Oklahoma City make an incredibly nice living that’s coupled with the affordable cost of living, resulting in a wonderful place to settle down and call home. Overall, Oklahoma’s high wages and low cost of living tie together for a fantastic living package that anyone would be happy to take. The city has a plethora of great things to offer to the everyday person and even more for nursing assistants. The future of healthcare in Oklahoma City is incredibly bright with industry demand only increasing. Nursing assistants all over are needed by heaps of different healthcare facilities.

However, you may be asking, what is the average CNA salary in Oklahoma City? It’s important to take into account that salary ranges depend on many important factors, however, the average median salary for CNAs in Oklahoma City is $30,870. Whilst all of this is fantastic, how do you find the job that’s right for you? With the help of a healthcare staffing app, it couldn’t be easier! Using our PRN on-demand app here at NursaTM you can find per diem work in Oklahoma City in a flash. Download our staffing app today and make the job of your dreams a reality!

Why Choose CNA As a Career Path?

Certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to perform everyday patient care tasks. While this may seem like a minor job it is incredibly critical in healthcare and we wouldn’t function near as well without the help of our CNAs. Becoming a CNA is an extraordinarily enriching career with a plethora of options to expand on your knowledge and career itself. The biggest advantage of becoming a CNA is the opportunity to make a difference. This job not only makes a difference for yourself and your mental well-being but also impacts the lives of your patients greatly.

Being a CNA is an incredibly flexible position with the opportunity to work in various healthcare environments, allowing you to expand on your skills and specialties. Additionally, becoming a CNA provides opportunities to try nursing after a shorter training period. So there is always time to expand your career and broaden your horizons in the future. Lastly, due to the fact CNAs earn a certification instead of a degree, financial commitment to the job can be much lower than many others. There are many more pros to becoming a CNA, too many that it’d be impossible to list here so don’t wait today and start your journey!

Things To Do In Oklahoma City

The beautiful Oklahoma City has heaps of activities and attractions to offer to tourists and residents alike, you will never get bored when you are in this city. 

Those who take an interest in the arts absolutely must make a visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. This museum recently went through a ten million dollar renovation with brand new technology, hands-on exhibits, and new artifacts. You will be amazed by the beauty of this museum.

While art is a lovely medium with so many different methods to it, spending time outdoors alone or with loved ones is always an incredible way to pass time. If you’re looking to do this, perhaps make a visit to Scissortail Park, this breathtaking 40-acre park is only a few steps away from the core of downtown Oklahoma City. Settle down and relax, watch a concert or live performance, and more here in Scissortail Park.

There is much more to do in Oklahoma City that can’t be listed here, feel free to visit the Oklahoma City website here to learn about truly everything the city has to offer!

What is PRN in Healthcare?

The acronym PRN stands for a Latin phrase commonly used in the healthcare sector that stands for “Pro Re Nata”, which means “as necessary”. CNAs who work PRN are critical to healthcare as they do not work on a set schedule and instead work for hospitals and healthcare facilities only when they are requested. 

This has become a largely important part of healthcare all over the country as those who work PRN primarily fill staffing shortages. While it seems like it can be unreliable, many make careers out of PRN work as it comes with many considerable benefits to doing so. Download our per diem healthcare staffing app today to find CNA jobs in Oklahoma City and the rest of the state, or country if you’d like!

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