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If you’re out of a job, you might feel tempted to jump at the first job opportunity that comes your way – even if the job is less than ideal. However, if you simply invest some time researching job opportunities – aka reading through this article – you might discover a way to find not only jobs that you enjoy but that offer significantly higher compensation for the sweat and tears that you shed every day you go to work. The next time you are looking for “CNA jobs near me”, you will know exactly where to look, and you will be able to choose the jobs that are tailored to your needs.      

Is It Hard to Be a Nursing Assistant?

The nursing field is certainly demanding and working as a nursing assistant is not any less so. Although certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have fewer responsibilities than registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) do, their jobs can be physically and emotionally draining. Here are some of the challenges that CNAs must face:

  • The job often includes unpleasant tasks such as cleaning up bodily fluids, changing bed sheets that are soiled, and helping patients in the bathroom.
  • It is physically demanding; CNAs have to move, lift, and push patients on a daily basis.
  • CNAs are often required to work weekends, holidays, and night shifts, which causes them to miss out on many social gatherings with family and friends.
  • As is the case for all healthcare workers, CNAs routinely interact with sick people, which increases their own chances of getting sick. 
  • Abuse from patients and understaffed facilities can lead to CNA burnout. 
  • Pay is not very high.

Is Working as a CNA Worth the Trouble?

Working as a CNA is an incredibly noble and important occupation. If you love caring for people and find your job to be fulfilling, then don’t give up on being a CNA. We want to help you to continue doing the valuable work that you do while earning significantly more than you have been receiving so far. 

Average Nursing Assistant Salary

The national average salary for CNAs is $33,250 annually or $15.99 per hour. Although in some industries CNAs can earn a much higher income, each of these higher-paying industries employs only a very small percentage of CNAs. The majority of CNAs work in the following industries: 

  • 33.48% work in nursing care facilities and earn an average of $32,090 annually.
  • 15.80% work in continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly and earn on average $31,520 per year.
  • 9.67% are employed by specialty hospitals (not including psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals) and earn on average $35,400 per year.
  • 6.91% are employed by general medical and surgical hospitals with an average annual salary of $35,190.
  • 5.52% work in home health care services with an annual salary of $29,930.

Sadly, as much as CNAs might love their jobs, this salary is often simply not enough to make ends meet – not to mention that CNAs deserve more compensation for their arduous labors. If you love what you do but are not happy with your pay, we invite you to consider leaving your staff position and working per diem. Don’t panic! You don’t have to make this change overnight. Start by picking up some per diem shifts to supplement your income on a day off, and when you feel ready, take the plunge and start working per diem full time.  

Do Per Diem CNAs Make More Money? 

Per diem CNAs, or CNAs that are hired per shift, can make significantly more money than staff CNAs can. First of all, healthcare facilities pay per diem workers more because of the temporary and often urgent nature of the jobs. Secondly, CNAs can accept only the highest-paying jobs to guarantee that they are receiving fair compensation for their efforts. Finally, per diem CNAs can pick up as many shifts as they like thereby earning as much as they need to or want to.  

How to Find PRN CNA Jobs Near Me

The highest-paying PRN or per diem jobs near you are just a click away with Nursa™’s PRN CNA staffing app. This app is totally free for CNAs and is a quick and easy way to find the best PRN jobs near you. Simply download the app, answer a few questions, and upload your license for verification. Then you can start browsing all the per diem jobs in your area – or wherever you would like to work – and request as many as you like. Now you know where to go the next time that you need “CNA jobs near me”.

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