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If you’re looking for high-paying CNA jobs, then you need to become part of the Nursa™ community. At Nursa™, we’ve reviewed what is happening in the industry as a result of the pandemic; how it affects CNAs, how CNAs can make more money, and what CNAs do for those of you looking into it as a profession.

What’s Happening in the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry has had a roller coaster of a year, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic. What started out as the “year of the nurse”, with organizations worldwide planning to raise awareness and funding for nursing education and professional opportunities, was quickly overshadowed by the tidal wave of COVID 19 hitting spreading across the globe.

RNs, CNAs, CMAs, LPNs found themselves suddenly in even higher demand, in positions of higher risk, some without adequate PPE in their facilities, and almost all of them facing longer and harder hours than they were already accustomed to.

But then, the financial implications began to rear their ugly heads. We started to see hospitals and health systems across the country were hemorrhaging massive amounts of money, and cutting costs where they could. These cost saving measures included canceling contracts with their registered nurses.

CNA Job Availability and Placement Remains Consistent

Despite the recent decline in contracts and jobs for registered nurses, we are not seeing the same trend with CNA and LPN jobs at Nursa™. If you were considering becoming a CNA but the recent effects of the pandemic have you concerned about job availability, keep reading.

What we are seeing instead, is that CNA jobs continue to be posted, continue to be placed, and continue to be paid. We are seeing that CNA jobs are being placed more quickly than other medical professionals as well. This is exciting news for our CNA’s on Nursa™ and we are looking for more CNA’s as a result!

Why CNA Job Availability and Placements Remain Consistently in Demand

Here at Nursa™ we believe the reasons for this consistency on the CNA job market in the face of the slump for nurses are twofold. Firstly, CNA jobs and placements require less paperwork for facilities, and in tough times where hospitals and facilities are cutting back, less is more. Secondly, CNA’s perform vital functions in long term care facilities and skilled nursing facilities. These types of facilities cannot close down part of their operations that are deemed non-essential or elective because all of their patients are live-in and all the functions within these facilities that CNA’s perform are essential and cannot be cut.

How to Make More as a CNA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs can earn anywhere from $21,960 to $40,620 a year. If you’re wanting to know how to make more money as a CNA here’s a few things you can try.

  1. Shift differentials – Some facilities will pay shift differentials for CNAs who are willing to work the less desirable shifts (usually night shifts or holidays).
  2. Work PRN shifts – Working PRN shifts is a great way to earn more on top of your paycheck. The trick is finding the PRN work, and with Nursa™ we’ve made it easier than ever for you to do exactly that.
  3. Download the Nursa™ application and get started today looking for PRN shifts in facilities in real-time, near you.

CNA’s Vital Job Responsibilities

A CNA’s job responsibilities typically include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – Residents in facilities often need help with their ADLs. Part of a CNA’s job responsibility is to assist with these ADLs. ADLs are parts of a person’s daily routine and an important part of the quality of life for residents. ADLs include:
    1. Helping with mealtime
    2. Helping with changing clothing
    3. Helping toilet
    4. Helping with personal hygiene such as hair, nails, and shaving
    5. Helping with bathing
    6. Helping with transfers or repositioning from a chair, bed, wheelchair, etc.
  2. Taking Vitals – Routinely taking vital signs such as checking temperature, pulse, weight, inquire about the level of pain, and blood pressure is an important part of monitoring your patient’s condition.
  3. Housekeeping – This responsibility may not seem at first important, but if you recall, a CNA’s responsibility is to help with ADLs. Some of your patients will be unable to take care of their own bodies and therefore it follows they will need help with caring for their surroundings. Cleanliness in a bathroom, a living area, a bedroom is an important factor in the quality of life.
  4. Tending Wounds and Transfers – Cleaning and dressing wounds to facilitate proper healing is very important. Monitoring and reporting progress of healing of these wounds is important as well so that the RN supervisor can know if changes are required. Turning patients who are bedbound is also important to prevent bedsores which are not only painful but can become chronic.
  5. Connect and Build Rapport – Your responsibilities will have you spending time frequently with your patients and make you a natural connection between them and the medical professionals making decisions about their care. Building a rapport allows you opportunities to better understand their medical conditions, their mental state, and their overall progress or lack thereof.

CNA’s Need Appreciation Too

As a CNA do you ever feel underappreciated? Maybe you feel like nurses get a lot of attention, and that’s not a bad thing, but where are the voices for CNA’s?

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, you perform vital functions for the healthcare industry and we at Nursa™ know that. We honor that knowledge and we thank you. Join the Nursa™ community today and download our app. Our app allows you to register your credentials, create a professional profile and connect directly, in real-time, to CNA, LPN & RN jobs and PRN shifts near you or far away if you want a change of scenery.

Written by Miranda Booher, RN

SEO Content Marketing Administrator Miranda has been a registered nurse since 2007 and has a healthy background in travel nursing, healthcare IT, and digital marketing. She brings an interesting combination of stellar SEO content management and copywriting skills and first-hand nursing experience to the table. Miranda understands the industry and has an impeccable ability to write about it. And speaking of travel - Miranda currently lives in Bolivia, though she maintains an active Registered Nurse license in the state of Ohio and stays current on the latest healthcare news through her writing. When she is not creating killer copy, or serving others through her work as a nurse, you can find her spending time with her family traveling in the Andes Mountains.

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