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It’s an interesting time to live in Idaho – the state that has boasted the highest growth rate nationwide for the past 5 years. For instance, from 2020 to 2021, personal income in Idaho increased by 9.6% – more than in any other state. However, personal consumption expenditures (PCE) have increased as well. Idaho and Utah were the two states with the greatest increase in PCE from 2019 to 2020. 

Amid all this economic change, what is the current state of registered nursing (RN) jobs in Caldwell, Idaho? Are RNs feeling the positive effects of this economic growth or are they struggling to get by?  

What’s the Average RN Salary in Caldwell, Idaho?

Based on this data, an average RN salary in Caldwell should be enough to comfortably cover cost of living for the average family in Idaho. Nevertheless, if you could earn more and possibly even work less, you would still jump at the opportunity, right? Let us tell you about per diem RN jobs.

The average annual salary for RNs in the Boise Metropolitan Area ($75,510) – to which the city of Caldwell belongs – is lower than the national average for RNs ($82,750). However, salaries must be judged in the context of the cost of living in a particular location. In the case of Idaho, this state is in the upper limit of the lower half of RN salaries in the country with an average annual salary of $73,640 (practically in the middle of the salary range for different states), but it is in the lowest quintile of personal expenditures in the country (one of the cheapest states to live in) with an annual personal expenditure of $35,459. 

What Does Per Diem Mean?

The term “per diem” comes from Latin and means “per day”. It is often used interchangeably with the term PRN, or “pro re nata” in Latin, which means “as needed”. In healthcare, these terms are used to refer to temporary jobs created to cover healthcare facilities’ additional staffing needs. 

Why You Should Consider PRN Work

Do you feel like you’ve been living for your job instead of working to have the life you want? Most of us end up in jobs that totally consume us, and we end up putting off personal goals indefinitely – often until we feel that it’s too late. Some wish they could pursue higher studies; others want to have kids; still others dream of backpacking through Europe or climbing Mt. Everest. We all have different interests and aspirations, but the common thread that unites us is a tendency to leave these non-work-related goals in the back of our minds and at the bottom of our list of priorities where they are ultimately forgotten. Don’t let this happen to you!

With per diem work, clinicians are their own bosses, choosing where they want to work, how many shifts per week they want to pick up, and when to take time off. Aside from this enviable flexibility, PRN jobs offer an RN the chance to earn significantly more per shift than would be possible with a staff job. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Per diem jobs could be the way for you to make time for yourself – to tilt the scale a little more in your direction and finally make your life more about yourself.

How Do You Find PRN Jobs?

The easiest way to find PRN jobs in Caldwell, Idaho is with Nursa™’s healthcare staffing app. To begin browsing the highest-paying PRN jobs in your area – up to $650 per shift! – you simply need to download the app, answer some questions, and upload your license for verification. Then you will be able to request the shifts that interest you and that fit your schedule. PRN work can be a way to supplement your income or even a career path in itself – it’s up to you. Ready to give it a try?

Find the highest-paying, most flexible RN jobs in Caldwell, Idaho today!

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Written by Miranda Booher, RN

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