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As we all know it, the world is ever-changing along with the technology, methods, and ideas we use to navigate through our everyday tasks and work. Amidst the struggle and panic surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, along with the nursing shortage that’s been in full force since the 1980s – there’s no doubt that a sizable number of managers and are looking for new methods in healthcare staffing to keep up pace. While there are definitely a plethora of different methods those can look to, one that is highly recommended for facilities to pick up is none other than a healthcare staffing app.

Furthermore, not only does a healthcare staffing app benefit the facility – it also provides opportunities for clinicians, specifically PRN nurses or healthcare workers in search of jobs. For those reading in seek of something that connects healthcare workers and facilities, you are in luck! NursaTM is the staffing app you’ve been seeking all this time. 

How Does NursaTM Work?

Here at NursaTM, we connect certified nursing assistants (CNAs), registered nurses (RNs), and licensed professional nurses (LPNs) with all kinds of healthcare facilities that are in need. You will love the convenience of picking up PRN jobs by the shift.

Given that a typical challenge in healthcare facilities is scheduling nurse, CNAs, and allied staff who have the necessary skills to accommodate specific patients, especially with the well-known nursing shortage, this challenge can result in it being incredibly difficult to keep up with having outstanding patient outcomes. So not only does a staffing app benefit healthcare and staffing managers – it also leads to higher clinician satisfaction which is linked to improved patient outcomes. All this combined creates a healthcare facility that is more reliable and trustworthy with its patients. So put those pens and paper aside or close out of those staffing documents, it’s time to advance to automated with an online staffing app! 

Learn About NursaTM

Now that you’re considering going on board for the staffing process at NursaTM, how about we tell you a bit more about ourselves! The overall goal of our staffing app is to bring full transparency to the staffing industry, making it incredibly easy to connect with and hire the nurses or other staff hospitals and facilitiesneed. 

Our staffing app helps connect nurses and facilities alike all across the country with real-time info. You’ll be relieved at how easy it is to hire new helping hands when you are in need. As a matter of fact, we are even a lifeline for hospitals and facilities that have short-term staffing needs. When a nurse doesn’t show up. When a clinician leaves a facility early. We’re there with vetted nurses, CNAs, and allied healthcare professionals to fill in these gaps.

How Can Facilities Save Money on Staffing?

You may be wondering, well, how do we save money on staffing? Does a healthcare staffing app benefit the overall cost of staffing at all? Yes, in fact, it does positively impact the cost of nurse staffing! Healthcare staffing apps help save management hours each week and reduce workers that are absent.

Along with how extraordinary it is to use a staffing app to save overall cost to run the facility. It is also important to adopt a plethora of other technologies to help better the lives of managers and workers alike. Many healthcare facilities now have definitely adopted new methods and technologies, however, there are still some today that use outdated methods to store data. Adopting new technologies saves costs, space, time, and more. You can track heaps of data in seconds with the use of new methods. All in all, a perfect way to begin adopting new technologies can be started with improving staffing methods. You won’t regret making use of the new digital era!

How to Find PRN Jobs or Healthcare Workers?

After learning all the wonderful things about healthcare staffing apps and the positive impact using one can have on everybody involved – the next mission in mind is to start recruiting any of the new staff you may need. Conversely, if you are a clinician or nurse looking for per diem work, verify your expertise and start searching jobs today.

While staffing can be incredibly stressful for healthcare facilities and staffing managers themselves – searching for a new job can also be difficult for those seeking it. With this being known, nursing staffing apps ensure that the process is easy for both those hiring and being hired. Additionally, although you may be posting in search of specific workers, those workers can also be in search of you! Staffing apps bring both sides together at all times, facilities in search and nurses in search alike. You won’t need to worry too much about going on a search, all you need to do is post a shift today and PRN nurses can find you!

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Written by Miranda Booher, RN

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