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Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are nurses who perform basic patient care tasks and help keep patients comfortable. They work under the supervision of registered nurses (RNs) and other doctors.

Being an LPN is not always easy, often the recognition given to an LPN is less, and the opinions of an LPN may seem to be worth less than those of a Registered Nurse (RN).

Licensed Practical Nurses have many challenges and opportunities in the nursing field, but it is a career path that can be very rewarding, one that many people would not be able to do. Some of the challenges of being an LPN are that the salary is lower, it is physically demanding, the scope of practice is more limited, and the shifts can be very demanding. The work an LPN faces requires a great deal of patience and dedication, a great deal of personal discipline as well as the ability to put the needs of others before one’s own. Everything an LPN does is in the best interest of the patients. In everyday medical practice, the most demanding and exhausting work comes from an LPN, which is why they should be held in high esteem.

Whether offering primary care in a hospital, a nursing home, a long-term care facility, bringing health to a patient’s home, or in a physician’s office, an LPN will need the best conditions for working and living, so that he/she can adapt to the pace of life involved in his/her work.

One of the conditions for achieving the objectives of an LPN is to find the perfect place to work. There are many workplaces awaiting to recruit new LPNs, and one of the 5 states that have the highest employment level for Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses in Texas. Also, Houston is the first among U.S. cities where paychecks stretch the furthest, being the average salary for an LPN in Houston is $51,850 (mean annual wage), or $24.93 (per hour). There are also a lot of opportunities for growth in Houston, being the greater Houston area is home to some of the major healthcare centers and hospitals. Houston is a city with 21 renowned US hospitals, and also the country’s No. 1 cancer hospital. Some of the major hospitals are:

  • Houston Methodist Hospital is ranked 16th on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll. Is the number one hospital in all of Texas and Houston. It is also a teaching hospital. It is a top-ranked hospital for complicated adult procedures.
  • Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, nationally ranked in 5 adult specialties, rated high-performing in 2 adult specialties and 13 procedures and conditions.
  • Memorial Hermann Hospital, is a general medical and surgical facility. It is also a teaching hospital. Ranked in 2 adult specialties and 2 pediatric specialties.
  • Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, ranked in 1 adult specialty and rated high performing in 3 adult specialties and 9 procedures and conditions.
  • Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, a general medical and surgical facility, is high-performing in 2 adult specialties and 8 procedures and conditions.
  • HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake, a general medical and surgical facility, is high-performing in 6 procedures and conditions.
  • University of Texas Medical Branch, another general medical and surgical facility, rated high-performing in 6 adult procedures and conditions.

This list is just to mention a few of the best hospitals in the Houston area, but the list is extensive with possibilities for finding exciting workplaces for LPNs.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Houston?

Houston offers nationally recognized dining, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. Best of all, there is an immense number of things to do that are affordable or free.

From Space Center Houston (home of NASA Mission Control) to the largest Museum of Fine Arts in the Southwest, to the miller outdoor theatre -perfect to spend summer days out –, to many galleries it has to offer, a wildlife park, many great cinemas, and international food with international restaurants to choose from, Houston is also home to four of the fifty largest parks in the United States

How to Find High-Paying Jobs in Texas

Once all of the hospital options in the area are analyzed, as are all the advantages of being in Houston, plus all of the wonderful places to see and visit in the city and its suburbs, the next thing to do is to find the best employer.

Nursa™  is a wonderful nursing jobs app designed for looking for LPN jobs. The Nursa team is always working together to help LPNs find the best placement they can.

The first thing to do is to download the app, then create an account. By clicking “I need work” and setting the account up, the app will ask to build a profile and to add the PLN credentials to start working. It couldn’t be easier to find high-paying jobs in Texas, and Nursa is an on-demand nursing app, therefore, many hospitals and employers are looking for contact with LPNs through this means. The Nursa team knows just how hard and challenging can it be to be an LPN, but also how rewarding it can get, and the team is trying to make it easier so nurses can find the best placement they can.

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