PRN CNA Shifts Can Supplement Your Income

Healthcare Jobs

RN $40-$50/hr
LPN $29-$35/hr
CNA $18-$25/hr

Long hours. Back-breaking work. Understaffing. Nursing assistants work hard and deserve to earn the highest possible pay for their dedication.

What is PRN and Are There Jobs for CNAs?

PRN is the medical abbreviation used to indicate the term “as needed”. So, when you hear someone talking about working PRN, what you need to understand is that the PRN shift is not part of a regularly scheduled shift. It means that the facility had someone call in sick, or is operating with a vacancy and they need someone qualified to fill in for the shift, ASAP.

Yes, working PRN is an option not only for nurses but for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) as well. If you haven’t done any PRN work yet, it’s never too late to start. The demand for qualified, compassionate CNAs in the workforce exceeds the number of CNAs that are available for work, so you are all but guaranteed to find a PRN shift if you decide to look.

Various Ways PRN Shifts Can Supplement Your Life 

Working PRN can supplement your life in several ways, here’s a breakdown:

Earn more per hour. It’s commonly known that the hourly wage offered for a PRN shift is routinely higher than the usual going rate for a CNA, which as of 2020 is $14.82 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Why? Because the facility has the need. To hire a PRN worker, the institute accrues no additional payroll costs of benefits and insurance.

Earn extra alongside your other job. Need extra money? Pick up a shift. Sudden change in plans? Why not work? Nursing assistants often use our PRN app to pick up additional shifts around their part- or full-time jobs. Perhaps you have a substantial bill due soon or you want to take a vacation? Pick up some PRN shifts to cover the costs. 

Further your career. Whether you want a career in nursing, or you want to return to school for something else entirely, working PRN shifts around your career commitments can ensure that you have an income while you work toward your goal. If going further in the nursing industry is your dream even better! The varied experiences and skills you can have and learn by working PRN in a variety of medical settings will be a boon for you.

Control Your Work Schedule. You could find that you might like the variety of working PRN (and the higher pay) and actually prefer it to a steady position at one facility. If so, you can work full-time as a PRN CNA, and take total control over your schedule. You choose when to work and where to work. Organize your work life to accommodate the priorities in your personal life instead of the other way around.  

Where Can CNAs Work PRN Jobs?

So maybe you’re on board with the idea of working PRN jobs but aren’t sure about the work environment. No problem. NursaTM has partnered with thousands of healthcare facilities across the country and therefore our platform will offer you a diverse selection of work settings. CNA’s who use NursaTM are finding PRN shifts every day at the following types of medical settings:

  • Assisted Living – This type of setting is for adults who are still relatively independent but require some assistance with routine activities of daily living (ADLs). This may include help with grooming or bathing depending on the capabilities of each resident, and will often include help with some household duties.
  • Home Health – Working as a CNA in the home health setting will typically mean working with a patient who, although medically fragile or vulnerable, continues to reside in their own home. Duties for this type of setting will vary widely depending on the condition of the patient. It could include accompanying the patient to appointments or social settings, and likely will include assistance in the home with ADLs, and household duties.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities – In a skilled nursing facility, CNA work will be much the same as it would be in a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Patients in this setting may be medically fragile but others will be preparing to be able to return home. Therefore, there will be a variety among your patients and their needs.
  • Nursing Homes / Long term Healthcare Facilities – CNAs working in nursing homes or long-term healthcare facilities will find the majority of their work revolving around completing ADLs, and charting.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers – ADLs will of course be a cornerstone of a CNA’s work in this setting, however, the setting is one that showcases a variety of medical procedures and may be interesting to a CNA who is considering furthering their career in the medical field.
  • Hospitals – Hospitals are a favored setting among CNAs and therefore open positions can be difficult to find. Working PRN shifts in a hospital is a great way to land your foot in the door for the next time a position opens up.

How to Use Our App to Pick Up PRN CNA Jobs

Download our app to your smartphone, register, and start today! You’ll start by creating your professional digital portfolio. This will include your resume, work references, and compliance documentation. Arguably the important piece of your portfolio will be your CNA certificate. Verify your certificate online. Then, browse the hundreds of PRN CNA shifts available in real-time near you.

Adjust the location settings to suit the radius of how far from home you’re willing to work. Each PRN shift posting will clearly show the information about the facility, the shift, and the hourly pay rate. Find a shift or a series of shifts you want and apply directly within the app. The client receives your digital portfolio. Also, take advantage of the handy chat interface with clients if you have any questions.

It sounds simple, and yes, it is! Take control over your work life and do it all from your phone with NursaTM. Download it today!

Written by Miranda Booher, RN

Miranda is a 13-year registered nurse with a healthy background in travel nursing and healthcare marketing. She brings an interesting combination of stellar copywriting skills and first-hand nursing experience to the table. Miranda understands the industry and has an impeccable ability to write about it. And speaking of travel - Miranda currently lives in Uruguay, though she maintains an active Registered Nurse license in the state of Ohio and stays current on the latest healthcare news through her writing. When she is not creating killer copy, or serving others through her work as a nurse, you can find her hanging out on the beach with her devoted husband, three beautiful kids, and their guardian Shepsky, Ashes.

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