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Are you a per diem registered nurse looking for a city that offers a blend of vibrant culture and the great outdoors? You may want to take a peek at Austin, Texas, which is currently ranked as one of the best places to live in Texas by U.S News. Maybe it’s the city’s endless access to hikes, rivers, and bike trails, or maybe it’s Austin’s boisterous nightlife. Either way, Austin is becoming a hot spot for young medical professionals to jumpstart their start their careers and find the best RN jobs in Austin. 

What else makes Austin so appealing for RNs looking for Austin PRN nursing jobs? Read on to discover what sets the Austin job market apart from other major medical job hubs, and why a per diem registered nurse may just find this lively Texas city to be the perfect place to settle for a bit. 

What’s The Average RN Salary in Austin Texas?

When moving, or choosing to fill a per diem shift in any state, it is wise to investigate the average salary you can earn within your field. That being said, Austin proves to have a competitive job market for RNs looking for work. On average, an RN can expect to make around $43.2 an hour or $92.308 a year. Considering the area of healthcare is a major employer of medical professionals, there is a lot of room for opportunity to work at some of the best hospitals in the United States. In fact, four hospitals in Austin were selected as some of the top 100 hospitals throughout the United States, recognized for their quality of care, operational efficiency, and overall performance. Compounded with the fact that Austin, Texas has a current unemployment rate that is comparably low to other states, and that the general cost of living is accessible, makes finding RN jobs in Austin, even more advantageous. 

So what are the other driving forces that make Austin, Texas worth looking into for RN jobs?

Aside from the fact that the economy is booming, Austin Texas is catching the attention of medical professionals for a variety of reasons such as its music scene, outdoor recreation, and that it has enough big-city amenities while still maintaining some small-town charisma. 

What Are Some Fun Things to do in Austin, Texas?

There is a reason why Austin, Texas makes the list as one of the best Texas cities to live. It has been renowned for its mild and warm year-round temperature, friendly locals, and a deeply-rooted music scene that can be found throughout the city. Foodies will find haven in Austin due to its Southern influence, with Tex Mex, authentic BBQs, and food trucks found on every street corner day and night. Obviously, this is a city for a food connoisseur to indulge. Moreover, outdoor enthusiasts will find solace in the plentiful nature that surrounds the city such as bike trails, swimming holes, lakes, and acres of green parks to roam freely. For the nature adventurer, one attraction that can’t be missed is the congress avenue bridge bats, where 1.5 million bats can be viewed flying out from underneath the bridge at sunset. While it happens nightly in Austin,  it’s truly a marvel every time.

If bats aren’t your thing, but food, music, sunshine, and a lively cultural scene is, then you may want to seriously consider scouting out RN jobs in Austin, Texas. 

Austin PRN Nursing Jobs

Finding a job or covering a shift as a PRN nurse in Austin, Texas shouldn’t be hard. Thanks to its considerably low unemployment rate, and having some of the best-ranking hospitals in the country, nurses can rest assured that they will find great paying per diem RN jobs in Texas. In fact, on-demand nursing staff apps such as Nursa ™ have made it even easier for per diem nurses looking to cover shifts fast at local facilities. 

If you are a per diem nurse that craves diversity, a steady job market, and competitive wages, Austin, Texas could be an ideal place to start browsing through current employment opportunities. Start your search today in Austin, Texas, and connect to local hospitals that need your expertise by downloading our Nursa ™ app. Cover a shift, and make a difference in a resident’s life. Austin RN jobs await!

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