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When choosing a job or goal to set for yourself everyone is always sure to weigh out the pros and the cons of what exactly you’d like to do. It can be incredibly difficult to decide on something that may be a lifelong goal for yourself. A lot of folks have decided on working in the healthcare sector, there are a wide array of healthcare jobs available all over the world that are currently in high demand that is expected to rise even more. The many people that have settled on becoming a nurse or other healthcare worker have concluded how much they enjoy working in healthcare despite the many ups and downs it may have.

There’s no doubt about it, working in the healthcare sector can be one of the most challenging jobs one will ever have, however, on the contrary, there are heaps of reasons why those in nursing continue to pursue their career every day and perhaps even expand their knowledge. Some of the reasons many may stay in nursing could be the secureness of the job since healthcare jobs are in incredibly high demand. Perhaps maybe some others prefer how incredible the pay can be. Although these personal benefits can be extraordinary, the one reason why a great number of doctors and nurses continue to do what they do is the fact they make an immense impact on those they care for. The fact these healthcare workers save lives and make a difference every day is what most consider the most rewarding part of working in healthcare.

Those looking to do work that truly matters every single day can find the perfect job for them in the healthcare sector, there are so many different things someone can do! Plus no matter what specific job you choose to specialize in, you’ll know you take part in bettering or even saving someone’s life. The plethora of diverse opportunities also allows for an incredible professional journey, whether you’d like to stay in one place or expand your horizons, there is always a chance further down the line to change your specialty or even climb up the ranks of nursing.

Quotes from Healthcare Workers

ver the years, fellow healthcare workers or those with the curiosity and desire to learn more about the workforce have asked an array of questions online for healthcare workers to answer. Here are a couple of quotes from healthcare workers regarding why they love what they do.

“I love being a nurse. I had a previous career which I hated. I no longer have endless meetings all day, I am almost entirely responsible for my day without micromanagement making my life difficult, I’m not stuck behind a desk all day, I don’t stare at a computer screen all day, and most of all, I actually make a difference in people’s lives. I have a direct impact, and can see the results of that impact. No matter how terrible my day is, and how frustrating it is, there’s always something rewarding in it. I have flexibility in my hours, I work what suits me, and I have opportunities for learning and development.

I feel as though having a previous career that was vastly different makes me appreciate nursing as a profession so much more. I used to never have leave, but now that I can take a chunk of days off without burning all my leave, I have more time to spend with my daughter.”

– User skr80 on Reddit

“I love it, I love taking care and interacting with patients, I love learning new things. I will tell everyone it’s the greatest job in the world for me, and I’ve been at it for 20 years. That being said, I am no better a nurse than someone who’s there just for a paycheck, and in fact, they probably have an enviable work/life balance. You don’t have to be passionate to be good at what you are doing. The best nurse I worked with was clear, this job wasn’t her life, it’s what enabled her to have the money and flexibility to enjoy her life. Smart and compassionate, and kept things in perspective.

I’ve been in a couple of different specialties, When one stops serving me, I find something that will, there aren’t many professions with that possibility.”

– User Dramatic-Common1504 on Reddit

“I’ve always had the desire to help other people and be there for them in their darkest hours. Why do I find it rewarding? I get to do what I’m passionate about, and someone else benefits.”

– User forestboy_ on Reddit

Challenges in Healthcare

Along with the plethora of benefits and reasons why those working in healthcare decide to stay, there will, unfortunately, be a large number of bumps in the road that come along. These many challenges are what make our nurses and fellow healthcare workers stronger and more deserving of respect each and every day. The biggest challenge of all for any healthcare job is stress itself. Although it can be caused by the other challenges that come with working in healthcare, stress can ultimately be someone’s downfall. It is incredibly critical to minimize the amount of stress you feel in your day-to-day life due to the fact worker burnout is on the rise.

The nursing shortage is now more amplified than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this fuels the stress on current healthcare workers. The already increased need for new workers can put immense pressure on those already working, requiring them to work longer shifts. All of this together creates stress that can lead to burnout. The symptoms of feeling burnt out can be serious, affecting your mental and physical health which is why it’s important to not overwork yourself and to practice healthy self-care.

Healthcare Careers

When someone first thinks about becoming a healthcare worker, I’m sure the thought of being a simple doctor or a nurse is one of the first things that comes to mind. However, there are many more jobs in the healthcare sector, along with plenty of allied healthcare jobs as well! Primarily those looking to get into healthcare will look to work as a certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, or registered nurse. Additionally, some other fantastic jobs in the healthcare field include being a medical assistant, home health aide, physician, therapist, pharmacy technician, and much more!

It can be incredibly difficult to find the right job for you or ultimately where you’d like to settle down and work whether it be temporary or for an indefinite amount of time. Those searching for healthcare jobs near them can make use of a healthcare staffing app to find the job they desire. Here at NursaTM, we have exactly what you need! Sign up for an account with us and get started today.

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