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With the ever-rising demand for new nurses and healthcare workers alike, it’s no doubt that healthcare is and always has been critical to each and every one of us, regardless of our health status. Additionally, more and more nurses and healthcare workers have begun choosing to take the PRN working path rather than staying as a full-time employee in one place. However, in turn, some healthcare workers may find themselves in a tough situation with places to stay, especially if they begin traveling far away for each of the jobs they choose. This is where the importance of temporary housing comes in.

Why Do Healthcare Workers Sometimes Need Temporary Housing?

Temporary housing is incredibly critical for PRN clinicians and travel nurses. This is due to the fact travel nurses can move from state to state every eight to 50 weeks. For anyone, moving this much can be challenging and difficult to get used to. Furthermore, it may seem like an extraordinarily difficult challenge to find temporary housing as a PRN healthcare worker, however, this is not the case at all. With the birth of travel nursing, there must come accommodations for those working the job. Travel nursing was an idea that originated back in 1978, and quickly was on the rise by the late 1980s. Thus, there must be somewhere for these nurses to stay on their travels.

So, how exactly do you find temporary housing arrangements? It’s actually, in fact, heaps easier than one may think! Back before the digital era and the birth of the internet, when travel nursing was first introduced as a concept it may have been way more challenging to find housing arrangements, however, today that is not the case at all. Since the introduction of the internet, heaps of things suddenly became easily accessible to everyone, in this case, it being ways to find housing. There are quite a few places that specifically offer housing arrangements for traveling healthcare workers, a fantastic one to look into is Furnished Finder, this organization offers more than 25,000 properties that focus on stays 30 days or more. Not to mention, thousands of PRN healthcare workers have already begun using Furnished Finder!

Lastly, on the topic of temporary housing for healthcare reasons, these arrangements can also accommodate patients and families! Traveling healthcare workers are free to bring along their pets and or family members with them for the journey. Additionally, some healthcare patients may need extended medical stays in a specific area for treatment, thus, patients can also take advantage of these temporary housing arrangements!

Tips for Per Diem Nurses & Allied Healthcare Workers

Being a healthcare worker is an incredibly challenging task, with new obstacles and situations to face every single day. With the large difficulty of this, there must also come a sense of order which can only be implemented by the worker themselves. One of the most important things to remember to always take into account is budgeting. It’s critical to calculate your expenses along with your income as these fall hand in hand. Without budgeting, it’s easy to run off track and possibly spend too much money that you need to keep for important living expenses.

Furthermore, the most important thing of all to remember is just the simple importance of self-care. Nursing comes with a plethora of challenges that don’t hold back for anyone, it’s critical to be a strong person with great qualities, however, that doesn’t mean you should neglect properly caring for yourself. Stress is an enormous factor in what makes nursing so difficult, this also results in nursing burnout if stress becomes way too much to handle. Nursing burnout is a critical condition that, if not taken care of, can affect your body and make you more vulnerable to sickness. Healthcare workers and travel nurses, please make sure to take care of yourselves!

What is the PRN Medical Abbreviation?

Those who don’t know are most likely wondering, what does the abbreviation PRN mean? This abbreviation stands for the Latin phrase “pro re nata”, this term can also often be called per diem. Essentially, those who work PRN are working on an “as-needed” basis which can be very similar to the job of travel nursing. However, any healthcare worker can work per diem, even allied healthcare workers. This type of work has been on the rise with the critical nature of the nursing shortage, healthcare facilities may need fill-ins quickly and PRN workers are the perfect option for that.

In addition to the housing arrangements, PRN workers can easily find the jobs they need with an on-demand healthcare staffing app. Here at NursaTM, we have just that, sign up for an account with us today and begin searching for a job in minutes!

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