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CNAs in Austin, Texas Grow Their Income by Using Nursa™

Download the Nursa™ smartphone application today and start growing your income tomorrow. Within the app, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) can create their very own digital professional portfolio that will be securely housed on the server. Upload your certificates and compliance documentation and share them directly with healthcare institutions when you apply for per diem (PRN) shifts. Browse hundreds of PRN shifts near you available in real-time.

These PRN shifts are available in hospitals, home health settings, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, medical and surgery centers, and more. Grow your career by learning new skills from other experienced clinicians, and learning to adapt to new work environments. Discover the benefit of being able to choose when you work, and where you work by selecting PRN shifts that fit around your personal schedule, instead of organizing your personal life around your work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs in the Austin area earn an average yearly salary of 29,500 or 14.18 per hour. CNAs who are willing to work PRN shifts, however, can often earn even more. Healthcare institutions are struggling with staffing shortages and are often willing to pay higher hourly compensation to fill their vacancies with PRN staff in order to continue providing adequate patient care.

Our CNAs Like Picking Up Per Diem Jobs in Austin

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