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Find Out How to Find High-Paying PRN Jobs in Idaho

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are an integral role in every single community across the nation. Hospitals, long term care centers, skilled nursing facilities, private practices, and home health all require CNAs to provide competent and compassionate care for their patients. Working per diem shifts as a CNA can provide the opportunity to earn more, learn more, and take control over your career and your life. Our per diem smartphone application makes it possible for CNAs in Boise to have access to hundreds of PRN shifts at facilities in the city.

The mean average hourly wage for a CNA in Boise, Idaho is $14.67 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Often, PRN shifts offer an even higher hourly wage than the typical regularly employed CNA because the need is urgent and necessary in order for the facility to continue to provide quality care to its patients.

The opportunity to choose where you work, and when you work offers CNAs a control that means their work-life can be organized around their personal life instead of the other way around. Opportunities to work in different medical settings, and opportunities to learn new skills and network with other clinicians and professionals in the industry are added benefits of PRN work as well.

Life in Boise, Idaho is Beautiful

The city of Boise sits securely in the Treasure Valley, with the Sawtooth National Forest nearby and the Boise River running directly through the city. Hiking, biking, and wildlife watching are just a few of the outdoor activities that residents take part in their time off from work. Shopping and a bustling restaurant scene offer easy and enjoyable entertainment as well.

Boise’s public schools have been nationally recognized as quality educative institutions, and the local Boise State Idaho University offers residents both young and old opportunities for advanced learning as well.