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Certified Nursing Assistants in Dallas Use Nursa™ to Find PRN Jobs

Are PRN CNA Jobs in Dallas, TX Right for You?

Per diem jobs for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have never been easier to find and land than now. Nursa™ is connected to hospitals, long term care centers, and home health to bring CNAs the high paying PRN jobs they’re looking for. Our smartphone application makes it possible to complete the entire process from job searches to job applications, to job acceptance all in one place. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create your professional digital portfolio and securely store it to send directly to facilities when you find the PRN jobs you’re looking for.

Facilities and hospitals are facing serious staffing shortages that impede their ability to provide quality care and cause extra burden on their current staff. As such, CNAs will typically find that PRN shifts often offer higher hourly compensation than the typical hourly wage of a regularly employed nursing assistant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs in Dallas, Texas earn an average yearly wage of $29,610 or $14.24 hourly. We have hundreds of PRN shifts available in real-time, and in addition to the potential to earn more, you’ll find having control over where you work, and when you work to be another benefit. Moreover, grow your nursing career by honing your skills, learning new ones, and networking with other experienced clinicians in the field.

Big City Life in Dallas the Per Diem Nurses’ Aides Enjoy

For those of you that like big cities and hot summers, Dallas fits the bill. Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the southwest, and you’ll feel it not because everyone is crammed into a tight space like some other cities, but because the city sprawls to cover around 340 square miles. This city offers endless opportunities for entertainment in sports, cultural events, restaurants, bars and clubs, and live music. Top that with many fun neighborhoods to live and work in, a public transportation system that includes a 72-mile light rail and bus routes, and relatively mild winter weather, Dallas is understandably continuing to grow.