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Certified Nursing Assistants Find PRN Jobs in Idaho Falls with Nursa™

Find Out Why Per Diem CNAs Love Finding Jobs in this City

It’s a commonly accepted truth that in general, PRN jobs pay higher hourly compensation than is typical of a regular full-time nursing assistant position. There are hundreds of per diem jobs for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in Idaho Falls, the question has always been about how to find those jobs and land them. Nursa™ bridges the gap between CNAs who are searching for per diem jobs and the medical facilities that have them.

Our smartphone application houses the secure space and is the platform for our CNAs to create and store their very own digital professional portfolio, browse hundreds of available PRN shifts nearby in real-time, and apply for and land those jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing assistants in the Idaho Falls metro area earn an annual average income of $26,040 or $12.52 hourly, which is less than the national median income for the occupation. So, while it is therefore important to note that the cost of living in Idaho Falls is also lower than that of the national average, the opportunity to increase your income as a CNA is just one of the benefits of working per diem.

PRN work also offers CNAs the opportunity to change their work settings. Pick up shifts in a hospital one week, home health the following, and then change it up yet again with shifts in a skilled nursing facility or long term care center. Changing your work environment can create the possibilities of learning new skills, and making valuable connections with experienced nurses in the industry that could benefit future careers. With Nursa™, choose where you work, and grow your career.

Why Our PRN CNAs Fall in Love with Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a small city with a population of just over 60,000. It’s big enough to find delicious dining options, cultural events, and places, and yet small enough to feel connected to the community. Add in the fact that it’s close to nature’s heavy hitters of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, and you’ll see why they fall in love with Idaho Falls.