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Certified Nursing Assistants Earn More When They Download Nursa™

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in Mesa, Arizona earn higher than the national average for the occupation; earning an average $33,450 as an annual salary, or $16.08 per hour. The opportunity to earn even more is present, if you only know where to look. CNAs and certified care givers can earn more by working per diem. The Hospitals and medical facilities in Mesa are in need of skilled CNAs to provide adequate patient care, and the path they take to find these CNAs is Nursa™.

Nursa™ is the connecting force between healthcare institutions who desperately need staff, and clinicians who are looking for shifts and wanting to earn more. Our smartphone application brings hundreds of available PRN shifts in real time and at facilities near you, at the touch of your fingers.

Create your own professional portfolio, verify your certificate, and start browsing jobs immediately. Working PRN can be something you do on the side of your regular job to earn more, or it can be your full-time job. With Nursa™, you decide what facilities to work at, and what shifts. You’ll be granted more opportunities to network, forging connections with other medical professionals that may be career-changers in your future, and learn new skills in different working environments.

Our CNAs are Hot for Mesa, Arizona Jobs

It’s not just the warm winters that has our CNAs loving life in Mesa. The city is set in the dry beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The desert offers endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and canyons and there are a few lakes nearby for those who enjoy water activities.

While the city proper offers more than 200 outdoor sculptures to art lovers amidst a vibrant cultural arts scene, baseball fans get excited for spring when several MLB teams come to the area for spring training and display their skills in the Cactus League.