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Learn What it Means to Work Per Diem as a CNA

On average, San Antonio, TX certified nursing assistants earn an hourly wage of $13.22 or an annual wage of $27,500 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which is a bit less than the nationwide average. While San Antonio does have a cost of living somewhat lower than the national average, the opportunity to earn more is always welcome by our clinicians at Nursa™ . Working per diem shifts makes that possible because most hospitals and medical facilities offer higher hourly compensation for PRN shifts than what is typically offered by a regular full-time employee.

By joining the Nursa™ community, CNAs can find those desirable per diem shifts in real-time. Our smartphone application is easy to use and allows our CNAs to work the entire process from creating their digital professional portfolio, to browsing the hundreds of CNA PRN shifts available nearby, to sharing their credentials and compliance documents directly to the facilities when they apply for a shift. Per diem shifts are available on the app in real-time, and allow CNAs to schedule their workweek around other commitments including last-minute opportunities.

CNAs who want to try out a different work setting find the work diversity through PRN jobs appealing as they can find shifts in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, medical centers, and long term care centers. Moreover, making connections with experienced nurses and management staff at different facilities can be beneficial to their future their nursing careers.

Why Our CNAs Love San Antonio Jobs

The city of San Antonio has a population of over 1.5 million residents, second only to Houston for the state of Texas, but does not have the same traffic congestion complaints that its sister cities have. San Antonio has managed to retain family-friendly neighborhoods with character that possess both old and new architecture. The cities most popular festival events include the seven-day Fiesta San Antonio, the Texas Folk Festival, and Diwali. Furthering the family-friendly reputation of the city is their abundance of amusement parks: LegoLand Discovery Center, San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are some of the top hits, but certainly don’t encompass all the city has to offer.