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How PRN CNAs Find Jobs in Tacoma, Washington

Are you a certified nursing assistant (CNA)? If so, do you know about per diem jobs? If not, today is the day you learn how to use your license to receive higher hourly pay.

What is Per Diem?

Per diem is actually short for the Latin term “pro re nata”, which literally translates to “when necessary”. Therefore, CNAs who work per diem jobs are those who pick up either a single shift or a series of shifts at a facility and work on an “as-needed” basis. These types of jobs are also just referred to as “PRN”. If you want to learn more about how CNAs can supplement their income by picking up PRN jobs, check out our recent blog post that explains it all.

Why Do CNAs Like Picking Up Jobs in Tacoma, WA?

You’ll find Tacoma in the state of Washington just south of Seattle along the banks of the Puget Sound. Therefore, CNAs who work in this city, also have access to Seattle in just a short drive if they are interested. However, most will find the city of Tacoma is a unique town with plenty to do and an artsy focus and vibe.

The Museum of Glass is probably the most notable attraction in Tacoma. There, you can find works from the renowned artist Dale Chihuly and others. An artsy town indeed, Tacoma is also known for its famous art museum that draws visitors from the entire Northwest region and nationwide for that matter. Furthermore, the Washington State History Museum boasts hands-on exhibits, including a vast railroad.

Where Do PRN CNAs Work in Tacoma, Washington?

When people think of nursing assistants, typically the first thing that comes to mind is nursing homes. Truth is that healthcare facilities of all types have PRN jobs for CNAs in Tacoma, WA – including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)
  • Hospitals
  • Long term care (LTC) facilities
  • Outpatient surgery centers
  • Home health

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington is within the top percentile when it comes to an average annual salary of a CNA, which is between $34,470 and $42,500 per year. Therefore, some CNAs in this state at staff positions are making up to $20 per hour at their job in Tacoma. However, when you pick up jobs as a PRN CNA with Nursa™, you can earn up to $250 per shift! What are you waiting for? Download our PRN nursing app now.