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High-Paying Per Diem CNA Jobs in Tucson

Nursa™ is a per diem nursing agency that connects certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to jobs at hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings. The benefits of working per diem are varied and both financial and professional.

Often PRN shifts offer a higher hourly wage than regularly employed CNAs earn. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that while the national average hourly wage for a CNA is $14.77, the Tucson average is just a bit higher at $14.99. CNAs can incorporate PRN work into their lives to earn more; whether it be by supplementing a full-time position with a few PRN shifts per month, or diving into working solely PRN shifts.

Moreover, working PRN allows CNAs the opportunity to work in different medical settings, to learn new skills, to network and make connections with other clinicians and professionals in the industry. Perhaps the benefit that may appeal the most to some CNAs is the ability to choose when to work and to choose where to work.

What Tucson Can Offer You

Tucson is a large city of around 1 million people with the bustling tourism industry and culinary industry, a large population of military families, and many seasonal residents. It is situated on a plain but is surrounded on all sides by five different mountain ranges. The summer days in Tucson are hot, but the evenings typically cool to more comfortable temperatures, while the spring and fall seasons are more comfortable temperatures and the winter mild enough that it rarely freezes.

The mild winter climate invites many people to have second homes in Tucson to escape the biting cold winters of their other homes. Tucson’s population is diverse and rich in festivals, public events, museums, mouthwatering cuisine, and spas. In 2015, the city was designated a “world city of gastronomy” by UNESCO.

There are hundreds of PRN opportunities for CNAs in Tucson and Nursa™ can open those doors. Download our application to your phone today, create your digital portfolio, and start reaping the rewards of PRN work right away.