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West Valley, Utah CNAs Earn More with PRN Jobs from Nursa™

Learn Why Per Diem CNAs Love Picking Up Jobs in West Valley

In today’s world, nursing assistant staff shortages are a very real threat to hospitals and facilities and their ability to provide competent and compassionate patient care. Medical institutions often turn to hire out per diem staff to cover staffing shortages to alleviate the burden on their regularly employed staff. Nursa™ works to connect CNAs who want to work PRN to the healthcare settings that need them.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the Salt Lake City metro area, make an average annual income of $30,370 or $14.60 per hour, which is just slightly higher than the national median for the profession according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For CNAs who want to eclipse that national median and earn more, they turn to Nursa™. Typically, PRN shifts offer a higher compensation rate to attract nursing assistants. Moreover, working per diem can offer CNAs the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings, learn new skills, and make valuable connections with other experienced clinicians and management staff to further their careers.

Whether you want to pick up a few per diem shifts per month or switch to working PRN full-time, Nursa™ is the connection you need. Download our smartphone application, create your digital professional portfolio, and start browsing hundreds of PRN shifts available in real-time. Download today, start working PRN tomorrow.

PRN CNAs Enjoy Good Life in West Valley, Utah

Nestled between the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountain Ranges in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah, West Valley is the largest suburb of Salt Lake City and offers residents all the advantages of being near the big city in addition to the benefits of community in the suburbs. To enjoy a day at the nearby Great Salt Lake, it’s just a short drive to the west, while in the winter months, residents can hit the slopes at a number of nearby ski resorts.

Cultural diversity where almost one-third of the city’s residents speak Spanish and a young resident population with a high percentage of families with kids under 18 years old make this city a comfortable and entertaining place to call home.