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Behavioral health refers to the connection between behaviors and the mental, physical or spiritual health of a person. These behaviors may prevent illness or promote health, or they may help people manage diseases.

Emergency departments are sometimes the only sources of medical care available to people with behavioral health conditions. These individuals often utilize more resources than other patients and are forced to wait in the emergency department until a bed in an inpatient facility becomes available.

The term behavioral health refers to conditions characterized by impairment of an individual's normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning. Impairments are caused by substance use disorders and/or behavioral health conditions.

Therapeutic management of behavioral health patients in the ED presents clinicians with some unique and complex issues. Several factors make a consistent approach to the patient's care difficult. There is not a defined set of diagnostic tests that can be ordered to determine the course of their care, and many facilities do not have on-site services necessary to provide appropriate care. It is important for nurses to familiarize themselves with available resources for managing these patients. 

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