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Cath Lab RN Jobs in MS

A cardiac catheterization laboratory provides a unique environment for performing minimally invasive tests and advanced surgery that helps diagnose cardiovascular diseases. With state-of the art imaging technology, care providers can visualize arteries in order to examine blood flow into or out of your heart without having any incisions. The information learned from cath lab tests helps healthcare professionals diagnose and treat blockages and other arterial problems.
The catheterization lab has special imaging equipment that examines the arteries and checks blood flow to and from the heart. This information can help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat blockages and other artery problems. “The cardiac cath lab requires critical skills. These specialized nurses play an important role in diagnosing and treating patients with mild to severe heart conditions.
As the nation ages and cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death, nurses with experience in a cardiac catheterization lab will simultaneously keep up demand in US hospitals. Typically, patients are sedated during cardiac catheterization, and properly trained nurses can administer mild sedation. However, nurses should not have any other responsibilities when they administer sedatives to patients so as not to influence the score. Nurses should monitor for hemodynamic instability, respiratory changes, or reversible drug side effects.

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