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Chemo Infusion Jobs in ID

Chemotherapy is a treatment used to kill cancer cells in living tissue. Anti-cancer drugs are administered as part of a standardized regimen. In some cases, chemotherapy may be used to prolong life or reduce symptoms.

In chemotherapy by infusion, a needle is used to deliver medication directly into your vein or into a central line, which is a catheter inserted into your vein.

Infusion nurses have an important role in ensuring safe and effective infusion care for patients. They collaborate with other healthcare team members, such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, to ensure that devices and medications used for infusion are appropriate for their patients.

The infusion nurse must be knowledgeable about the diseases being treated and about the multitude of regimens used to treat them. These nurses must be eager learners, for new drugs receive FDA approval monthly. The nurse must know how to administer these drugs and be aware of potential side effects and adverse reactions.

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