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Chemo Infusion Jobs in KS

Chemotherapy is a method of treatment that uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy diseased cells.

Infusion is a common method of delivering chemotherapy to the bloodstream during chemotherapy treatment. Hydration, supportive medications, and other treatments may be given by infusion as well.

As an infusion nurse, you are responsible for ensuring that your patients receive safe, effective treatment through their IV. You collaborate with physicians, physician assistants, and pharmacists to make sure the patient's intravenous treatment is appropriate.

To work as an infusion nurse, one must have a broad knowledge of oncology/hematology diseases and hundreds of treatment regimens for these diseases. Specifically, nurses in this field must know the potential side effects and adverse reactions.

To be an effective infusion nurse, you must have a thorough knowledge of both pharmaceutical and hematological diseases, and an understanding of the hundreds of treatment regimens used to manage such illnesses. You must also be committed to ongoing professional development in order to keep abreast of the frequent new releases of new drugs on the market.

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