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Chemo Infusion Jobs in NC

Chemotherapy is the administration of anti-cancer drugs as part of a standardized treatment regimen. Patients may receive these drugs to cure their cancer, to prolong survival time, or to reduce the symptoms of cancer.

Chemotherapy administered by infusion or intravenously can include supportive medications or treatments.

Infusion nurses ensure that patients receive safe, quality infusion care. They collaborate with health care providers to provide optimal patient care as well as ensure the vascular access device and medication are best suited to the patient’s needs.

The infusion room nurse must have a thorough knowledge of oncology and hematology diseases and the hundreds of regimens used to treat them. As new drugs are approved, they will require careful administration. The nurse is responsible for ensuring that all potential complications are managed.

An infusion room nurse must educate patients on their disease, the drugs they are taking, the side-effects of their drugs, and when they need to call their provider.

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