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CNA Jobs in AK

Alaska has many geographic points of interest, including glaciers, volcanoes, and wildlife. These include Denali (Mount McKinley), North America’s highest point at 20,237 feet (6,168 metres); Lake Clark National Park; Katmai National Preserve; Kenai Fjords National Park; the Harding Ice Field; the Tordrillo Mountains; Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve; the Alaska Peninsula, with its many volcanoes; the remote Aleutian Islands; Prince William Sound, with its many glaciers; Turnagain Arm, a tidal plain of glacial silt on the south side of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city; Wood-Tikchik State Park, with one of the last stands of virgin temperate rainforest in North America; and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the Arctic plain.

Alaska is home to about 3 million lakes, including Lake Iliamna, the largest lake in the United States. It also has hundreds of rivers and thousands of islands, many of them part of the Alexander Archipelago.

Just off mainland Alaska, across the Bering Strait, lies Russia’s Chukchi Peninsula. At least six volcanoes in southern and west-central Alaska are active; among these are Augustine Volcano (on Augustine Island in the Aleutians), Redoubt Volcano (southwest of Anchorage), and Mount Spurr (north of Anchorage).

Alaska is also home to sizable bison herds. Caribou hunting plays a major role in subsistence for many rural residents, and caribou herds are the source of prized wild meat. Grizzly bears and moose can be found in parts of Alaska. Bowhead whales, seals and walruses are found along Alaska’s Arctic coastline and the state’s rivers provide habitat for many species, including Chinook salmon and sockeye salmon.

Top CNA Schools


University of Alaska Southeast (UAS)

In Alaska, you can find a school that will give your skills the best chance of success. UAS is an institution part-way through its four year process to becoming fully accredited by NASA; they offer programs in nursing and other disciplines such as accounting or computer science for those interested enough.

University of Alaska (UAF) Fairbanks Community and Technical College

The UAF Community and Technical College in Fairbanks, Alaska is offering a state-approved 9 credit nursing program that will prepare students for their certification exam as well as enter the healthcare field.

Kodiak College

Kodiak College, located on the island of Kodiak in Alaska is a public two-year satellite campus that has been operating since 1968. The college offers programs to students living nearby as well as those who would like their education further pursued outisde this small town setting.

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