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CNA Jobs in CA

California was admitted as the 31st state of the union on September 9, 1850, and by the early 1960s, it was the most populous U.S. state. No version of the origin of California’s name has been fully accepted, but there is wide support for the contention that it derived from an early 16th-century Spanish novel, Las sergas de Esplandián (“The Adventures of Esplandián”), that described a paradisiacal island full of gold and precious stones called California. The influence of the Spanish settlers of the 18th and 19th centuries is evident in California’s Spanish place-names, such as Monterey (Monterey) and San Diego (San Diego). Franciscan missions were established all along the coast of California. As with other western states, California was settled largely by farmers and ranchers who were drawn to the state mainly by its seemingly endless stretches of rich soil. With an area of more than 158,000 square miles (410,000 square km), California is the third-largest state in the United States.

California’s history has been enormous but somewhat convoluted because of its varied population, which was originally Native American Indians, then Spanish settlers in the south and central regions, with English-speaking Americans arriving mostly from the east after being attracted by rumors of gold. The state has often been used as a microcosm for broader historical trends that have occurred throughout the United States. California’s unique location between two vast oceans and the presence of such widely different human cultures has resulted in a rich and varied history. The state’s prehistory, however, extends far back before the era of European exploration.

Top CNA Schools


Miracosta College

Miracosta College is a community college that has been operating since 1934. In 1987, the school established its Certified Nursing Assistant Program and it continues to produce hundreds of successful CNAs every year.

Santiago Canyon College

Located in the beautiful high desert of Orange County, Santiago Canyon College is a 2-year community college that was founded over 30 years ago. Along with its partner school - Santa Ana Community College (SANC) – this small tuition free district makes up RSCM& District #30 which provides access to affordable higher education for residents living outside downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Bakersfield College

The Bakersfield College Nurse Assistant program is a great way to get hands-on experience in the field. The school's job skills certificate seeks prepare students for providing basic healthcare services, which can help them find employment opportunities when they're done with their studies at either another institution or right here on campus.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Junior college in the beautiful city of Santa Rosa is a place for young adults to get an education and grow into successful members our society. SRJC has additional campuses across Sonoma County as well other cities around it, providing students from all over greater access than ever before.

College of the Sequoias

College of the Sequoias is a two-year community college located in Visalia, California which is in Tulare County. The school is named after the giant Sequoia trees that populate the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range.
NURS 260 is a 6-unit course that prepares students for CNA employment in the field.

Source: https://www.topnursing.org/cna/programs/california/

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