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The largest of the US states east of the Mississippi River and the youngest of the 13 former colonies of England, Georgia was founded in 1732, by which time its borders had become even wider, including most of the current states of Alabama and Mississippi. Georgia is a state in the southeastern United States, bordered to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina; northeast of South Carolina; southeast of the Atlantic Ocean; south of Florida; and west of Alabama. Georgia is home to the largest Hindu temple in the United States, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta, located in the suburbs of Lilburn.

Georgia is the 24th largest and 8th most populous state out of the 50 U.S. states. Georgia Public Radio has been in operation since 1984[166][167] and broadcasts daily on multiple FM (and one AM) stations across the state, with the exception of Atlanta. Georgia Public Radio covers nearly all of Georgia (except the Atlanta area served by WABE). Georgia is the eighth most populous state, but our 159 counties rank second in the nation, behind only Texas.

Georgia is home to several historic synagogues including Temple (Atlanta), Beth Jacob Congregation (Atlanta) and Mikve Israel Congregation (Savannah). By the 1960s, the proportion of African Americans in Georgia had dropped to 28 percent of the state’s population following waves of northward migration and some white immigration. Atlanta has a great influence on the state of Georgia, the southeastern United States and beyond. Grady County, on the southwestern border of Georgia, is the 139th county in the state.

Top CNA Schools


Southern Crescent Technical College

Formed in 2010, Southern Crescent Technical College is a publicly funded, two-year junior college offering a wide variety of programs and technical certificates. SCTC serves the educational needs and vocational requirements of eight counties in the southern Atlanta region.

Atlanta Technical College

The state’s capital, Atlanta Technical College is a public postsecondary institution that serves 2 counties with over 4 thousand students. One popular certificate program at ATC are their Nurse Aide Technicians who can enroll in either the two-year or four year course of study to earn an associates degree while also acquiring valuable skills for careers as nursing assistants. 

Lanier Technical College

Lanier Technical College is a college that serves the educational needs for Northern Georgia's seven counties. It was founded in 1964 and one of many institutions within TCSG, which provides students with an affordable skill set to certify their craft or trade when they graduate from LTC.

Columbus Technical College

The city of Columbus is home to a technical institution that has been around for more than fifty years. Established in 1961, the college currently operates as one out nearly 300 Technical College System Georgia (TCSG) schools and represents an integral part on our state's efforts toward economic growth & job creation by providing students with hands-on training they need skills work force opportunities upon graduation.

Savannah Technical College

The Savannah Technical College campus is a picturesque and historic location for students, who come from all over to take advantage of its 2-year program. The nursing assistant course offers 4 credit hours that can be applied towards your degree at any other college or university in the state system.

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