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CNA Jobs in HI

Hawaii, a state that is part of the United States of America. Hawaii became the 50th US state on August 21, 1959. Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

The islands are located 2,397 miles (3,857 km) east of San Francisco, California and 5,293 miles (8,516 km) west of Manila, Philippines. The capital is Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu.

Hawaii was defined by Mark Twain as “the finest island fleet anchored in any ocean”. The name is believed to come from Hawaiki, the ancient name of Raiatea, the ancestral home of the Polynesians. A variety of agriculture and manufacturing in Hawaii is economically viable.

Activities of national and international importance in Hawaii include research and development in oceanography, geophysics, astronomy, satellite communications, and biomedicine. Often referred to as the crossroads of the Pacific, the state is of strategic importance to the United States’ global defense system and serves as a transportation hub for the Pacific Basin. Finally, Hawaii is a cultural center and a major tourist destination.

Top CNA Schools


Kapiolani Community College

Kapiolani Community College is a public, non-profit higher education institution located on the slopes of Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii. The school is one of ten campuses comprising the University of Hawaii system.

University of Hawaii Maui College

The University of Hawaii at Maui College is a publicly funded commuter college located in Kahului, on the island of Maui. It is one of ten subsidiary educational institutions of the University of Hawaii school system, which is anchored by its flagship institution, the University of Hawaii at Mãnoa.

Windward Community College

The college was originally created in 1972 and is one of the ten campuses of the University of Hawaii system. WCC offers students a 7-week CNA training program that prepares them to pass the state certification exam. Windward Community College is a state funded, 2-year community college with branches in Honolulu County and around the island of Oahu.

Kauai Community College

Kauai Community College was originally founded in 1965. It is a publicly funded, postsecondary educational institution and commuter college located in Lihue on the island of Kauai. It’s also one of the ten higher education institutions that make up the University of Hawaii system.

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