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Idaho ranks 14th among the 50 US states in terms of total land area. Its borders—with the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north, the US states of Montana and Wyoming to the east, Utah and Nevada to the south, and Oregon and Washington to the west—have both historical and geographic origins. The border with British Columbia runs along the 49th parallel of the north latitude, and the border with Utah and Nevada – along the 42nd parallel; both lines were established by treaty, the northern one between the United States and Great Britain in 1846 and the southern one between the United States and Spain in 1819. The border with Montana runs along the continental divide, and the border with Wyoming includes a small piece of Yellowstone National Park.

Idaho’s borders with Oregon and Washington are a 480-mile (770-kilometer) straight line, with the exception of Weather and Lewiston, Idaho, with Hell’s Canyon on the Snake River serving as a natural boundary. Boise is the state capital. Idaho, recognized as the 43rd U.S. state on July 3, 1890, is one of the Mountain States, but is generally classified as part of the Pacific Northwest, an area bounded by the Continental Divide as its eastern boundary and watershed. Unite. The Columbia River, which covers almost the entire territory. The name Idaho is thought to come from the Shoshone language meaning “Pearl on the Hill.” Shaped much like a lumberjack’s boot, Idaho happens to reflect the state’s rugged wooded mountainous terrain, in which logging and mining play a major role.

Idahos enjoy the largest natural wilderness in the United States, including approximately 3,900 square miles (10,000 square kilometers) of wilderness and pristine lands with few roads and vehicles. Since its founding in 1936, Sun Valley has grown into a world-renowned winter sports destination. Idaho also has substantial groundwater resources. Many parts of the state have hot springs used to heat some of Boise’s homes and buildings, and Boise’s name (French Boise, “forest”) reflects its use as an oasis for explorers who once traversed the Boise desert plains and settle.

Top CNA Schools


Eastern Idaho Technical College

EITC offers students a non-credit CNA program that lasts approximately eight weeks, and a CNA program for credit that lasts a semester. The program is composed of two portions—a didactic portion and clinical skills portion. First established back in 1969, Eastern Idaho Technical College is a publicly funded community college located in the city of Idaho Falls.

Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College is a publicly funded, postsecondary educational institution located in the Northwestern region of the United States in Lewiston, Idaho. Founded in 1893 as the Northwest College of Agriculture and Applied Science, LCSC is one of the oldest continuously operating higher education institutes in the state. Currently, the college serves approximately 4,000 students and offers more than 83 degree programs.

College of Western Idaho

Established in 2007, College of Western Idaho is a two-year community college serving students in Southwest Idaho. A member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, CWI maintains campuses in Boise and Nampa. The college offers its student body more than 60 academic transfer and professional/technical programs.

Idaho State University

Idaho State University is a public research institution located in Pocatello, serving more than 13,000 students. It was initially founded 117 years ago as the Academy of Idaho and today has 3 campuses at the following locations: Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls. ISU is the state’s leading institution in the health professions and in medical education.

North Idaho College

North Idaho College is a state-funded community college located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Established in 1933 during the Great Depression, the college currently serves 6,000 students from communities throughout North Idaho. The college offers two separate CNA training programs: one at its main campus, the other at its satellite location in Hayden.

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