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The state of Kansas is in the Midwestern United States, bordered by Nebraska on the north, Missouri on the east, Oklahoma on the south, and Colorado on the west. It is named after Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the region at the time of European encounter. The tribe’s name (natively kką:ze) is often said to mean “people of the wind” or “people of the south wind”, although this was probably not the term’s original meaning. This is, however, a quite fitting name as winds are frequent here.

Formed by the Kansas-Missouri Compromise (1854), Kansas entered the Union as a free state on January 29, 1861. Kansas’s landscape is generally flat with little or no hills and few bodies of water other than rivers. In its agricultural areas, windmills are common. The state has an abundance of both hard and soft coal, limestone, salt, and clay within its borders.

When Europeans first arrived in what is today Kansas, the region was home to many Native American tribes. Tribes encountered here were of the Dhegihan stock occupying territory along the Kansas River in northern Kansas. For a time relations between some of these peoples and Europeans were fairly good while others were not so friendly. The outbreak of violence against settlers came in 1862 during the gradual western push of what was to become the American Civil War. Attacks came from pro-Confederate “Bushwhacker” guerrilla bands led by William C. Quantrill and ‘Bloody Bill’ Anderson who waged a terror campaign against Kansas, Missouri, and other free states in an effort to get them to secede from the Union.

Top CNA Schools


Garden City Community College

Garden City Community College (GCCC) is a 2-year community college located in Garden City, Kansas, that was established in 1919 to provide post-secondary education for residents in the area. It was one of the very first community colleges chartered in the state of Kansas. Garden City Community College (GCCC) represents one of the 19 community colleges in the state of Kansas.

Salina Area Technical College

Founded in 1965 on Schilling Air Force Base, Salina Area Technical College is located in the city of Salina in central Kansas. SATC offers a variety of associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. One program offered by SATC is a 6-credit hour, 90-contact hour certificate program that goes by the name ALH 101 Certified Nurse Aide.

Coffeyville Community College

Coffeyville Community College (CCC), originally established in 1923, is a 2-year, public institution located in the southeast corner of Kansas, in the city of Coffeyville. CCC is a member of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference and was one of the first community colleges founded in the state.

Butler Community College

BCC’s Certified Nursing Assistant course (AH 122), is composed of 5-credit hours and 104 clock hours in total. Included within those hours is in-class lecture and discussion, laboratory skills practice, and clinical skills experience in a local nursing home. Butler Community College, first established in 1927 under the name El Dorado Junior College, a 2-year postsecondary educational community college situated in the city of El Dorado.

Fort Scott Community College

Fort Scott Community College, chartered in 1919, is the oldest community college in the state. The college operates satellite campuses in the following cities in Crawford County: Frontenac, Pittsburg, and Paola. It offers students a state certified five-credit-hour, ninety-contact-hour Geriatric Certified Nurse Aide course that also follows federal guidelines.

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