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Rivers define Kentucky’s boundaries except on the south, where it shares a border with Tennessee along a nearly straight line of about 425 miles (685 km), and on the southeast, where it shares an irregular, mountainous border with Virginia. Flowing generally northwestward, the Tug and Big Sandy rivers separate Kentucky from West Virginia on the east and northeast. On the north, Kentucky’s boundary follows the Ohio River to the Mississippi, meeting the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois en route. The Mississippi River then demarcates much of the state’s western border with Missouri and Arkansas until it meets one of those states’ northern boundaries, from which point the line continues eastward into Tennessee.

Kentucky’s capital is Frankfort, on the Kentucky River in central Kentucky; its largest city is Louisville, at the Falls of the Ohio. The state’s principal rivers are those that flow westward to form parts of its borders. The Kentucky River flows southward from its headwaters in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia to the Ohio River near Carrollton. The Tug Fork, part of the Big Sandy–Kanawha system, flows westward across eastern Kentucky to join the Ohio at Pomeroy. By way of its Salt, Tradewater, and Green rivers, western Kentucky is drained by the Mississippi River.
Kentucky’s largest area of internal drainage is in its southeastern counties, where several short streams flow into the Tennessee River. In eastern Kentucky, a major drainage divide separates the Ohio–Mississippi watershed from that of the Cumberland River, which flows northward from Virginia and West Virginia to empty into the Ohio at Ashland. Another major drainage divide separates the Mississippi River watershed from that of the lower Ohio River, which flows southward to empty into the Gulf of Mexico at Cairo

Top CNA Schools


Jefferson Community & Technical College (JCTC)

Jefferson Community & Technical College is a public community college, centrally located in the state’s largest city—Louisville. The college is licensed by the State Board for Proprietary Education and approved by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services to offer students nursing aide training.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC)

The CNA program offered by BCTC is available on-campus, in a six-week format which provides students with both clinical experience and classroom instruction. This program allows students to access all of their didactic materials, assignments, and announcements via an online Blackboard account. Bluegrass Community and Technical College is a 2-year community college located just a few miles from downtown Lexington—the state’s second most-populous city.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC)

West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) is a public, state-funded community college located in Paducah. WKCTC is one of 16 educational institutions that are a part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The college was founded in 1932 as Paducah Junior College and became part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System in 2003. WKCTC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Hopkinsville Community College

Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) is a public 2-year school in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The college was first chartered in 1965 and maintains a subsidiary campus on the Fort Campbell Army base. HCC's 3-credit-hour Certified Nursing Assistant program seeks to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to adequately care for patients in a long-term care setting.

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