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New Mexico became the 47th state of the union in 1912. New Mexico ranks fifth among the 50 US states by total area and is bordered by Colorado to the north, Oklahoma, and Texas to the east. the states of Chihuahua and Sonora to the south, and Arizona (which was part of New Mexico Territory from 1850 to 1863) to the west. In its northwest corner, New Mexico joins Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in the United States’ only four-way duel. The capital of the state of New Mexico is Santa Fe.

The territory of New Mexico was claimed by Spain in the 16th century, became part of Mexico in 1821, and was ceded to the United States in 1848 (under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo). The tension between New Mexico’s Hispanic (Hispanic), Native American, and Anglo populations is a constant reminder of the bitter antagonisms that have characterized the state’s long history; this tension gives rise to such novels as N. Scott Momadei’s A House Made at Dawn (1968), Rudolph Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima (1972), Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony (1974), and John’s Milagro Binfield’s War Nichols (1974). part of the modern New Mexico literary canon. As part of the American Southwest, New Mexico shares an “Old West” heritage of cattle ranching, cowboys, and battles between pioneers and Native Americans. Indeed, from a huge slice of the Great Plains to rugged, weather-beaten peaks of mountain ranges, New Mexico retains much of its frontier flavor.

Despite the state’s traditionally agricultural nature, New Mexico is becoming increasingly urban. About two-fifths of residents live near Albuquerque (founded in 1706) and Bernalillo County.

Santa Fe, a much smaller city, was founded in 1610 and is the oldest continuously used seat of government in North America. It was also the terminus of the Santa Fe Trail, a wagon trail that was an important trade and migration route from Missouri to the southwest from 1821 until 1880 when the railroad was completed.

Top CNA Schools


New Mexico State University—Carlsbad

Located in the small city of Carlsbad, New Mexico State University—Carlsbad is a 2-year community college that has been around since 1950. The nursing assistant program at NMSU—Carlsbad is made up of a total of 16 credit hours. The program looks to teach future CNAs how to tend to matters having to do with the personal hygiene, nutrition, exercise and comfort of the patient. 

San Juan College

San Juan College, founded in 1956, is a public community college located in Farmington, in the northwest corner of the state. SJC’s 6 credit Nurse Aide Certification course (PNUR 110) can be completed in just 8 weeks. In compliance with both federal and state requirements, the course is composed of 45 classroom lecture hours and 90 lab/clinical hours. Classes meet 3 times during the week for 4 hours a day. PNUR 110 seeks to equip students with the appropriate skills needed to care for patients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Doño Ana Community College

Doña Ana Community College provides higher education to the residents of Doña Ana County and surrounding areas. The community college was founded in 1973 by State Senator George A. Sanchez and was first known as Las Cruces Community College (LCCC). It represents a branch of New Mexico State University. Its main campus is located in the city of Las Cruces, but there are satellite locations in East Mesa, Sunland Park, Chaparral, White Sands, Anthony and Hatch.

University of New Mexico—Valencia Campus

The University of New Mexico—Valencia is a branch of the University of New Mexico public research university system that’s based out of Albuquerque. UNM—Valencia is located in Tomé, a city halfway between the two main cities in Valencia County: Los Lunas and Belen. The University of New Mexico—Valencia’s CNA program is made up of 128 clock hours—96 hours of in-class lecture and laboratory skills practice, and 32 hours of clinical training which is supervised by an RN.

Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College , located in the state’s capital, offers over 100 certificate and degree programs. The college’s 5.5 credit nursing assistant program prepares students for future employment in the healthcare sector as entry-level CNAs by providing them with training in basic caregiving skills, including patient transfers and bed changes. The CNA program at Santa Fe Community College complies with both federal and state certification standards.

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