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Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), or multi-level care facilities, offer residents a lifetime continuum of care. Providing independent living as long as possible, they assure the care recipient of nursing assistance if and when it is needed. This type of living arrangement can be particularly useful to financially sound couples who are in need of different levels of care and who wish to maintain a strong relationship, even though the typical CCRC resident is an eighty-year-old physically and financially independent, highly educated, single female.

Because continuing care retirement communities gained a somewhat negative reputation in the 1980s because some closed due to financial difficulty, the number of such facilities in the United States has reached about 1,200 and continues to grow. Approximately 350,000 residents live in these for-profit and not-for-profit complexes; this number will continue to increase as more individuals are able to meet the entrance requirements, which normally specify a minimum age and a certain level of health and finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a continuing care community?
Continuing care retirement communities provide independent living and an amenity-rich lifestyle with access to onsite higher-level care should residents’ medical needs progress. In this way, they ensure residents’ stability by remaining in the place they call home.

What is the difference between assisted living and continuing care?
CCRCs operate on a continuum of care. These facilities allow residents to "age in place" or move from independent living to assisted living or nursing home care. As care needs change for residents, CCRCs can offer services that meet those needs.

Assisted living communities offer help with daily activities like cooking, showering, eating, going to the bathroom, or getting out of bed.

Continuing care retirement communities offer a combination of independent living, assisted living and nursing home services. This means that residents at a CCRC can live with any level of care they need. They can live independently and take advantage of the services offered by the continuing care retirement community as they need them.

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