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Dialysis Jobs in KS

Dialysis is a medical procedure that mimics the function of the kidneys—removing excess water, non-metabolized substances, and toxins from the blood of individuals whose kidneys are no longer able to do so naturally. Dialysis can be performed either artificially or by using a transplanted kidney. The first successful dialysis was performed in 1943.

Nephrology nurses perform dialysis and hemodialysis on patients who suffer from acute and chronic kidney failure.

Dialysis nurses are responsible for monitoring patients’ treatment and reporting any changes to the medical team. These nurses specialize in patients with all kidney-related medical problems.

Dialysis nurses are at risk of high stress levels. Stress can be caused by increasing workloads and has been tied to burnout and exhaustion. Stress and burnout have major implications on job performance and pose serious health and safety hazards on the job.

Dialysis nurses may work for dialysis clinics, hospitals, or outpatient clinics. They also may travel to patients’ homes in rural areas to administer treatments there.

Good hemodialysis nursing involves knowing how to coordinate a variety of patient care activities, including teamwork and assessment skills, technical skills, communication with patients and colleagues, documentation ability, and project management skills.

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