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Electronic Intensive Care Unit Jobs in AR

The Electronic Intensive Care Unit can provide care to patients in multiple hospitals. The goal of the eICU initiative is to optimize clinical skills and provide round-the-clock care from the medical staff of the intensive care unit, regardless of whether they are in the hallway from the observed patient or in another city. Two-way cameras, video monitors, microphones, and smart alarms connected by high-speed data links provide critical care workers, called resuscitators, with real-time patient data around the clock. eICUs allow eICU staff to be in different locations from patients at various hospitals while monitoring their condition. eICU researchers are looking into eICU's effect on patients and eICU staff.

The eICU study is looking at the eICU and its effects on patient outcomes and eICUs' medical care givers: resuscitators, who work in an eICU around the clock. Researchers are also studying how eICUs affect training of new eICU workers. eICU staff are interested in the eICU's effect on their stress levels and sleep patterns. eICUs can make it difficult for eICU staff to leave work at the end of a shift, causing problems with personal relationships and family time. Researchers looked at eICUs' effects on resuscitators' stress levels from eICU work, and eICUs' effect on eICU staff's sleep patterns. eICU researchers also looked at the eICU's effects on eICU staff's personal lives.

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