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Electronic Intensive Care Unit Jobs in MO

eICU, also known as tele-ICU, is the use of technologies such as video conferencing by tele-ICU specialists to diagnose and treat hospital patients who require the most intensive care. This gives hospitals access to critical care specialists in the ICU, emergency department or drug/surgery program and enables face-to-face contact within minutes. Like emergency room doctors and hospitals, critical care doctors are an important part of emergency telemedicine.
An eICU is an electronic intensive care unit that allows doctors to monitor patients from off-site. The eICU technology infrastructure enables medical personnel at the eICU site or at a remote eICU center to track outcomes, both for individual patients and for the medical facility that runs the eICU.

The eICU Care Center is a web-based platform that provides doctors and eICU security staff with one location to monitor eICUs. The eICU Triage allows for increased flexibility of patient transfers and eICU monitoring services. eMonitoring is an eICU service that allows for real-time eICU data to be remotely accessed by eICU nurses and doctors through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. eTelemetry enables eICUs to monitor patients using wireless technology and other devices such as telemetry transmitters and scales.

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