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Electronic Intensive Care Unit Jobs in ND

The eICU is often compared to the cardiovascular telemedicine unit in that both are considered remote intensive care units. While eICU specialists are typically an extension of a hospital's own medical team, telemedicine physicians may be geographically diverse and work in collaboration with internal staff when appropriate. eICUs have been accused of being misused in order to reduce costs by taking telemedicine physicians away from critical care patients who are on regular floors. eICU physicians also face potential malpractice issues if eICU-physician's decisions lead to the death of a patient, as eICUs have been used mainly for medical rather than surgical or trauma cases.

eICUs have been shown to reduce the cost of hospitalization by allowing eICU specialists for admitting patients, reducing unnecessary transfers from eICU floors and eICU physicians' ability to provide earlier diagnosis and treatment as a result of eVisits. eVisits allow e-ICU specialist to examine video images that may be used as part of the e-ICU physician's decision making process. eICUs have been shown to reduce mortality rates in comparison to non eICU intensivists, though eICU physicians are not required by law or regulation to report their eICU outcomes. Respiratory failure has been proposed as a condition which could be treated by eICU protocols. eICU protocols such as eSTAT, eDINAR and ePREP use telemedicine to screen and evaluate patients with acute respiratory failure before they are admitted to the e-ICUs, in order to make early diagnoses and use better resources for e-ICU physicians.

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