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Electronic Intensive Care Unit Jobs in WI

The Electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU) is a form of telemedicine that promotes the use of modern technology to provide some critical care services. eICU can also be called tele-ICU. The eICU Support Center can provide care to patients in multiple hospitals. The goal of the eICU initiative is to optimize clinical skills and provide 24/7 care from the medical staff of the intensive care unit, regardless of whether they are in the hallway from the observed patient or in another city. Features include: Intelligent Medical Transmitters and Monitoring Devices

A portable, integrated and comprehensive tele-ICU is available to any department that requires critically ill patients. Puts the caregiver in a central location for care coordination of multiple patients in multiple locations. The eICU Support Center can provide care to patients in multiple hospitals by specialization, at one time or in separate facilities based on the condition of each patient. Each patient is monitored by a dedicated staff and supported with a Tele-Physician who will remain in contact between the 24/7 pulse and video, allowing for round the clock access to critical care regardless of whether the physician is in site or another continent across time zones. Patients receiving critical care have their own electrical power, their own telecommunications link (Tele-comm) apart from standard hospital bussing.

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