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Emergency Room Jobs in CO

The emergency room is a medical treatment facility that specializes in treating critically ill patients. The purpose for this type of care can be attributed to two major reasons; firstly it serves as an initial point-of-entry into hospitalization where critical issues such as trauma or respiratory distress need immediate attention from specialist teams who are not available elsewhere on-site at times more convenient than during office hours. Secondly many carry out life-saving interventions like CPR before transporting them by helicopter ambulance (or other means).

Increasingly, nurses are taking on responsibilities beyond patient care, such as educating the public to promote wellness and prevent injuries, such as alcohol awareness. Emergency nurses can treat patients in addition to caring for their own health while they're in the field. But keeping up with medical and other journals, as well as continuing education classes, is part of a nurse's job. Some nurses work in both hospital-based emergency departments and consultative-style emergency centers.

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