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Emergency Room Jobs in UT

The emergency room is a place where people go when they need medical care fast. It's often called an "accident" or “casualty” department because it deals with injuries and illnesses without appointments.

ER nurses' duties vary based on the hospital they work in. In a private facility, they may spend most of their time with patients, but they might also be interviewing and documenting past medical histories of patients, keeping up to date on patient conditions and history, and communicating daily with ancillary doctors, such as radiologists and orthopedic experts. In large urban hospitals or universities, the ER may be responsible for one or more complete operations before the doctors in the unit can take over. Once the doctors take over the patients’ care, specialty nurses will continue to communicate with those experts to ensure that any concerns are addressed. As pediatric nurses in an ER, you probably deal with less serious cases requiring immediate attention in order for them to make it through critical hours—but you still must handle long periods of intensive care.

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