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Endoscopy Jobs in MO

Upper endoscopes are a procedure that allows doctors to visually examine your digestive system with the help of tiny cameras on long flexible tubes. There are many types, but the most common ones involve looking at areas such as the esophagus and stomach where there may be problems affecting food digestion or inflammation from chronic diseases like Crohn’s Disease which can cause symptoms including diarrhea.

Endoscopy nurses are essential members of the healthcare team who prepare patients and assist during procedures. Most doctors and nurses will be happy to seek assistance from a specialist nurse because they can provide more time and attention to the patient, rather than getting bogged down by all the paraphernalia of medical equipment. The endoscopy nurse is usually the patient and family’s first point of contact so it is imperative that they are able to answer questions and support the patient through the procedure. Prior to meeting with the patient, endoscopy nurses will be familiar with the patient’s chart, medical history, presenting symptoms and general diagnosis.

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