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Endoscopy Jobs in OH

The endoscopy procedure is a medical tool used to look inside the body. The scope has been specifically designed for use in examining organs and cavities, rather than just any old imaging technique like X-rays or surgical scans which can be painful if you don't need them too; Endoscopic procedures offer more insight into diagnosing conditions affecting your digestive system including esophagus (swallowing), stomach samples as well as partway through small intestines
The above passage offers some background information on what type of exams come under this heading before mentioning some common reasons people may choose one over another when having certain problems diagnosed.

Endoscopy nurses are specially trained to treat conditions in the gastrointestinal and/or respiratory tracts. Specialties include: During procedures, endoscopy nurses will take out the endoscope, called a scope. They may also use a tube to deliver fluids such as contrast media or IV medications.

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