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Flu Crew Nurse Jobs in SD

No official definition of the flu-shot nurse exists in the health care industry, but it may be applied to a number of nurses who help individuals receive vaccinations and/or who have responsibility for ensuring that all members of an organization have received their seasonal flu shots.

Registered nurses who have received training in administering injections are able to earn additional money by providing flu shots at various workplaces. Some possible sites of employment include hospitals, community centers, retail clinics, schools, corporations, health fairs, assisted-living facilities, and pop-up clinics. Ideal traits for a traveling flu shot nurse include prior hospital experience, the ability to work independently, and customer service skills.

By law, registered nurses can only administer vaccines when there is a direct order or medical directive written by an authorized prescriber, which in your case, is a physician/NP or when following a medical directive that has been developed collaboratively with a physician.

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