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Flu Crew Nurse Jobs in WI

No universal definition of the flu crew nurse exists, but the term may refer to a variety of medical professionals who administer flu shots and other vaccinations, as well as those who assess individuals for vaccination needs, order vaccines for them, and educate employees about the importance of annual flu shots. These workers may order vaccine stock for clinics to ensure that all covered employees receive the annual vaccines.

Some may work in a facility where only staff members who require backup vaccinations are vaccinated, or they may work to make sure that all employees—either in a specific department or for an entire company—receive the seasonal flu vaccine each year. They may also be responsible for educating medical staff on when and how to administer vaccines.

Registered nurses who have been trained to administer injections can earn a modest amount of money providing flu shots on a travel nursing contract. Some possible sites of employment include hospitals, community centers, retail clinics, schools, corporations, health fairs, assisted-living facilities, and pop-up clinics. Ideal traits for a traveling flu shot nurse include prior hospital experience, the ability to work independently, and customer service skills.

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