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Geriatric Jobs in CA

Geriatrics is the medical field that focuses on aging and how it affects people. There are many causes for this, including but not limited to biological changes in our bodies or sociological factors like social isolation due to lack of peers who share similar experiences as them at an older age; psychological aspects include mental health issues like dementia which can lead us into confusion about where we are going.

The Geriatric Nurse is a professional expert charged with caring for older people and anyone that enriches their lives. The entry-level registered nurse includes the treatment plans determined by physicians and other members of a multi-disciplinary team, in addition to carrying out those plans in conjunction with other health care professionals.

A Geriatric Nurse is expected to have at least an Associate's degree in Nursing, a valid license to practice or have full practice authority as a registered nurse, and a minimum of 1-2 years experience as a nurse in a medical setting while maintaining certification requirements.

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