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Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation refers to medical and therapeutic services received during a hospital stay. Outpatient rehabilitation refers to the services you get when you are not in the hospital, such as medical services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Inpatient recovery programs, also known as inpatient care, require patients to manage themselves in a controlled environment in order to overcome their addictions. Patients stay in the clinic with 24/7 medical and emotional support.

inpatient Rehabilitation nursing offers a challenging and gratifying career for nurses who want to use all of their clinical skills, make an immediate difference in their patients' lives, and work as an essential component of a collaborative team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an inpatient rehab nurse do?
Our inpatient Rehabilitation nurses provide compassionate care that helps to restore and maintain function and prevent complications. They also provide patient and family education, counseling and case management. Our inpatient Rehabilitation nurses serve as patient advocates, can participate in research that helps improve the quality of rehabilitation care, and make an important contribution to the team effort to minimize disabilities.

Is rehab nursing hard?
As a rehab nurse, you'll see patients through a vulnerable period in their lives, providing direct support and care as they rehab and come back from injuries and illnesses.This is an appropriate field for nurses who enjoy collaborative work. Working in patients' homes: If you prefer home environments to medical office and hospital settings, this is a good practice for you. Many of your patients will require in-home care.Impacting patients' lives: By working with patients over a prolonged period, you'll get to see your patients get stronger, and in many ways, get their lives back. Change may be slow, and setbacks can be heartbreaking and frustrating for all, but the difference you make can be profoundly gratifying.

What is inpatient rehab care?
Outpatient rehab physician and therapy services can help you get back to living life on your own. Since our professionals come to your home, they often see the whole patient in a single consultation, rather than multiple visits spaced months apart. Our goal is to provide a total rehabilitation, including expert treatment of every physical and emotional issue you experience. Once we have helped you establish goals for returning to your life and alleviating pain, our therapists work with you personally in daily sessions to help you move toward these goals. This can include putting together an individualized individual and family therapy team; providing funds for therapy expenses; maintaining supervision of your therapy; coordinating rehabilitation services; and more. Many Inpatient Rehab Centers assist you with arranging transportation from the hospital or nursing home to our office so that we can provide therapy services!

What skills do rehab nurses need?
Nursing care is an important part of the treatment and rehabilitation process for patients treated in the Inpatient Rehabilitation setting. There are many areas of focus within this setting, with the need for a team that offers specialized nursing care being high on the list. Rehab nurses work with a wide range of patient populations and types, ranging from those who have recently had joint replacement surgery, to those who have suffered a stroke, to those with sports or occupational injuries, to those with severe spinal cord injuries or other chronic, progressive conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Depending on the nature and stage of a patient’s condition, the goals of rehabilitation might be to prevent secondary disability, improve the body’s function, return patients to their former functioning state, or assist patients adapt to a new state of functioning.

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